Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I need y'all's opinions today. I'm asking the hard hitting questions. Life changing, really. 
To paint, or not to paint?

I mentioned yesterday that I've been thinking about changing our nightstands from the oak stain to a painted job like my newly rehabbed dresser (which is still not up to our room, because hubs is still sick, sadness!). 

Here they are in their current state: 

  It's not that I don't like the wood, because I definitely do. I think wood can really warm up a room, especially one that is monochromatic and gray like this one. But, like I was showing you yesterday, the other furniture in the room is dark, almost black, and our interior doors are black. 

So, what say you? Here's some options I am toying with. 

Black- Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, like our doors:

Gray #1- Sherwin Williams Function Gray, like the accent stripes on the wall (and similar to my rehabbed dresser):

 Gray #2- Behr Elephant Skin, like our downstairs half bath:

Or, of course there's keep 'em as is:

What's your vote? 


Sweet Caroline said...

I need a panoramic view of room. Basically you have your new gray dresser, two nightstand and the big reading corner with chair and mirror?? Is there another piece of furniture i am missing? No headboard, right? hmmmm.........

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Ha ha! You crack me up. No headboard yet, but I'm in the process of making one. It's just going to be simple with natural linen fabric, sort of like the toss pillow and bed skirt, but minus the stripes. I have one other piece of furniture that is a tall chest of drawers in the same wood tone as the nightstands...

Melissa Babcock said...

My vote is the wrought iron like your doors. Or leave as is. You may need to leave it so you can save your create energy for my house. You ARE coming to decorate, right?

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

HA HA! Of course Mel, but you don't need my help!

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