Thursday, February 28, 2013

From Nay to Gray, Part IV

Here I am in Part IV of this saving-the-world-of-ugly-dressers series (or at least saving this one), and I am just about done! I hope I've shown you how in just a few days you can really change a piece of furniture! Roll up your sleeves, and get creative! Our wallets will thank us all. So will our husbands.

In Part IV, I'm showing you how I plan to style my dresser. You know, those finishing touches that complete the equation. I like to sketch ideas out before implementing them so I have an idea what the finished product might look like. I find that if I have a plan, I won't buy things I don't need. Or stand around in Pottery Barn with a blank look on my face (ok, I may still do that, but it's totally unrelated to my preparedness). Here's a quick sketch of my dream dresser.

I like a collection of things at varying heights and different sizes, and a mixture of items that aren't too matchy-matchy. For instance, I would not pair a brass light with a brass frame and a brass vase and a brass mirror. 

The start of my styling began before I even had the dresser. It was just a twinkle in my eye. I purchased the Ballard Garden District Mirrors when they went on the Bring Ballard Home sale back in October. 

Unfortunately, they have been leaning against a wall unused in our master bedroom since that time. What a shame, I know.

The plan is to hang them vertically side by side over my new dresser. 

I had this lamp in the foyer once upon a time, I plan to use it on the left side of the dresser. I love the mix of mercury glass and rope and the burlap shade. I love more that I got it at TJ Maxx for quite a deal. 

I also plan for a grouping of pottery on the right side of the dresser. I found this piece at HomeGoods. Aren't the colors perfect?

And numbers. My hubby is still debating me about this. He feels that numbers and letters are for kids rooms, but I don't necessarily think they have to be. What's your opinion? 6-13 is our anniversary. These will look industrial and metallic when I paint them.... that is, in theory. 

Oh, and my hardware dried and is now installed. I took y'alls advice and kept the painted originals. What do you think?

I'm still loving the lined drawers. Glad I went ahead and covered that stinky old velvet.

I've tried not to spend too much cash on the extras for this dresser, so I'm glad I was able to reuse the hardware. When styling, I like to shop around. I enjoy the hunt. My favorite stores for bargain accessories are TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Steinmart, Big Lots, Marshalls, and Ross. Of course, every now and then, I'll spoil myself with a little trip to Pottery Barn.

What are your favorite stores to find accessories? Any tips for styling? What's sitting on your dresser?


Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

REALLY lovely! The drawer liners are a sweet surprise.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks Mary Ann!

Kim said...

I love re-purposing and you are rocking it with this dresser! I love those Ballard Mirrors!! o

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