Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Sofa Two Ways

I was recently inspired by Arhaus to share a couple tips on bringing in fall to your home. What says fall better than cuddling up on a beautiful sectional sofa?

Fall is all about pumpkins, the leaves changing, cozy settings, and warm fires am I right? You can translate these very literally into your decor, or you can opt to bring in subtle touches. Here's a couple of ways to do this. 

First, COLOR and pattern! Obviously, I'm not afraid of color in my own home. Fall is the perfect season to bring in those pops of rust, orange, purple, and crimson. Don't be afraid! The more color and pattern you layer, the cozier your space will become.  Think buffalo check, stripes, vintage quilts. 

Another way, if you aren't all gung-ho autumn and pumpkin spice- bring in texture. Tons and tons of texture. Faux furs, velvets, leather, and wool all scream fall decor, and will easily transition over to winter. If you are more of a neutral lover, texture is your best friend.

I've also rounded up a few of my favorite items currently at Arhaus for a fall look. They have some amazing throws and pillows right now, and you can't go wrong with the classic lines of their sectional sofas. 

Happy first day of FALL!

*all opinions are my own. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

6 Months

Mae Caroline is 6.5 months old! These posts keep creeping up on me, gosh. At her appointment a couple weeks ago, she was 27 inches, 16 pounds 10 oz and CUTE. :) She got her 6 month shots and her flu shot and handled them all like a champ. Good job, MC. 

It's been a fun month. We celebrated Meemaw's birthday, and Big Sister ate lots of Meemaw's birthday cake...

We traveled to Beaufort to see Aunt Lauren and her new house. 

We hung out with your bestie Emma Reese. 

We got to see lots of Papa and Dma.

And plenty of play time and loving with Evans, who continues to make you smile BIG, BIG, BIG... although at times you have a worried look on your face when Evans gets really loud :)

You love to be on the go. You've started to become a very busy little girl. Always trying to get into stuff and explore new things. 

You are getting super chunky, and that's just fine. 

You LOVE to play on the floor and practice your crawling. You've ALMOST got it. Although, your favorite trick right now is the pencil roll. Over and over and over. All around the floor. 

Your schedule hasn't changed. You rock in the sleep department! You are still a great eater and have taken to sweet potatoes. Nom nom nom. 

You also have TWO teeth now! The two bottom teeth came in and you are constantly feeling them with your hands. Teething hasn't give you any trouble thus far (knock on wood). 

Happy 6 months, Mae Caroline! Love you so! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Screened Porch Progress: Screens & Doors

My dad was here all week working on the porch! I'm sooooooooooo excited about how far it came in just a few days! 

We still have to finish painting the ceiling. We decided we are going to leave it open truss and paint everything gray. It's looking really cool. 

The trim, etc. is painted and the screens are now in place! 

We are doing 7" smooth hardie board for siding and it will have to be painted. I am leaning towards the same gray as our shutters. 

What do you think, gray or white? I like the gray as it reminds me of our old house that I dearly loved. 


My dad also installed the beadboard and the baseboards. Oh oh oh I'm so in love!!

He also hung our doors. The weather stripping/thresholds will be installed once the wood has done some of its initial shrinking. 

During the kiddos nap times I got a first coat of white on the beadboard. PUMPED!!!!

Once the siding is done, the guys will install the ceiling fan and new wall sconce. I'm leaning towards this barn light in black. 

And one of these ceiling fans. 

And of course, string lights on the trusses. 

Still to do:
finish painting beadboard/door trim
finish painting trusses
install siding and paint siding
order rug
accessorize/soft goods/furniture placement