Thursday, November 10, 2016

One Room Challenge:: Final(ish) Reveal!

Thank you, Linda at Calling it Home, for putting this together!

One Room Challenge- WEEK 6... Dun dun dunnnnnnnn. Here we are at the very end, and guess what? This is real life and I don't have a magic wand. HA! Dangit. Still working on that one.

SO, bad news first- this space isn't "finished-finished", but the good news- it's a heck of a long way from where we started 6 weeks ago, so I'm happy with that! Mainly what didn't get finished is due to the hurricane and having to reschedule contractors. It happens! Still to finish: the stamped concrete grilling patio. It should be finished very soon (as in TOMORROW), and I'll be sure to post the completed project at that time.

So, let's backtrack. As I said in week 1 of this challenge, actual construction on this porch started back in May (Yes, May!). My husband and my dad have done all of the work to this point. When we bought the house, it was just a brick patio. We knew we would use it more often if it were screened in. 

A before....

And here's where we were six weeks ago at the start of this challenge... 

So, what is finished after the One Room Challenge? 

Finish painting interior of porch and truss ceiling
Electrical: fan, outlets, lighting
Finish painting Hardie plank siding 
stamped concrete patio
choose dining furniture
choose grilling/bar tables

We had to basically cut back our shrubs and azaleas to construct the porch, but they'll (hopefully?) grow back. We've also neglected the grass since the backyard has been a war zone of saws, hammers, drills, lumber, etc. etc. etc. There needs to be a One Yard Challenge. Linda, get on that :) 

We've enjoyed many dinners and football games on this porch already. Evans loves to color and paint out here, and Mae Caroline- well, she just loves anything outdoors :) I know we'll use and love this porch more than any other "room" of our house. 

It's been a long few weeks, cheers to being (mostly) finished! 

These girls love it :) 

Thanks again, Linda, for putting this together. It's always a treat to watch bloggers supporting each other and being creative, so go check out the other participants here

Thursday, November 3, 2016

One Room Challenge Link Up:: Week FIVE

Here we are, week FIVE. Only one week left to get this thing buttoned up. Cue the laughter! 

So, this week I ironed all of these dang curtains, all 10 of them. I really hate to iron. But, you gotta. 

The Ballard Designs rug came in and I love it! It's the Geneve outdoor rug in silver. 

I also have a few outdoor throw pillows from Ballard

I convinced my hubby to help me hang the curtains once I found the right hardware. 

I love how much these soften the corners of the columns. Woo wee! Almost there. 

I found this cute end table at TJ Maxx. 

I still need to address the other half of the porch. This side is the "dining" side. The existing table is from the house when we were renting and the size isn't right for this space. 

So, I found this 42" 4 seater that will do great. 

I like the gray on gray tones, the scale, and the price was right. So boom!, it's being delivered Friday. 

And pairing it with this Dash & Albert rug. 

Concrete grilling pad starts on Monday... 

Crunch time. I think I can........ To be continued! 

Go see the other ORC peeps here and cheer them on. One week left!