Thursday, July 16, 2015

House Plans- Exterior

We close on the Isle of Hope house next week! Hard to believe! We have several updates/renovation plans for the house that will happen over the next couple years (new bathrooms, tearing out walls, recessed lighting, new sheet rocked ceilings, flooring....), but first on the agenda is the exterior. 

Soon after closing we are having several trees taken down. Some due to the fact that they are dead, some that are too close to the house and could be potential future problems, and some that we have to remove to be able to add on the outdoor spaces we want. 

We plan to add a screen porch and a large deck off the back, and also a 10 ft deep front porch. So excited about this! Outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor in my opinion. We love to grill and eat outdoors, play music and sit outside. Can't wait to be able to enjoy our yard a bit more. 

Other plans- a new front door. Something similar to this one. Craftsman style with a small window. 

A BIG change will be painting the ranch. Such a difference it will be! My dad is also in the process of making board & batten shutters for every window around the house to give it that coastal cottage feel. The house itself will be painted SW alabaster, shutters in Behr antique tin, and doors in Behr lap pool blue. Cannot wait!! 

Shutters in progress... 

Another addition will be a white picket fence! It's sort of the thing on Isle of Hope. You have a white picket fence, you just do. Plus, it will ease my worries if E wants to play in the front yard. I sent my dad ideas I liked and he ran with it. He has already cut most of the pickets!

And lastly for the exterior- much needed landscaping. Yard work is not my thing- so I plan to leave that job for the hubby. He did a great job doing our Atlanta yard, so I know he can do it again. 

So excited!!!! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

18 & 19 Months

Evans will be 19 months in two days. I can't believe how much she has changed here recently! Her vocabulary is really starting to take off. Some of her phrases that come to mind are "o-side, yea?" meaning go outside? "Eat", "get down", "help peeeease", "cup!", "no-no", "I sawy", "hi mommy!", "show", "bubbles", "mine!", "I got it", "key cat" for kitty cat, "puppy", "baby", and her answer to most any question right now is either a simple "OK!" or "yea!".

She also loves to sing songs. She wakes up singing Twinkle Twinkle most mornings. It sounds something like "twinkle twinkle lil staw, how yi wonder... up above the world high... twinkle..... She also loves Ring Around the Rosie, she sings the line "ashes ashes- fall down" over and over. Love this stage!

At her 18 month appointment she was 36" tall, 26 lbs. She is wearing size 5 diapers, size 5 shoes, and 2T clothes. Her hair gets longer everyday, and I love her little curls.

She loves to dance, watch her "shows", EAT, and go outside. She also loves her daycare teacher Ms. Ericka, and talks about her all the time. "E-ka" this and "E-ka" that. She has a little friend in her class named Emma, and she has officially named all her babies Emma. At least that's what she calls them at home, haha. "Come on Emma, I help Emma, eat Emma, here Emma". Cutie!

Still a great sleeper... a great eater... a hard player... like my husband says she doesn't halfway do anything, she's either all in or she isn't. 90 miles an hour all day long. Love my girl!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Job

Life has been CRAZY lately with all the Houstons have going on. We bought a house (the rental house we are already in) and have been busy preparing to renovate/paint/etc. I also started a new job a few weeks ago. SO RANDOM how this happened, but I couldn't be happier. Social media is a crazy wonderful thing, as if you all didn't know that. I was contacted by a designer here in Savannah that I followed on Instagram and that had read my blog and seen my art and design work. They didn't necessarily have a position open, but created one so that I could join the team! If you had told me 8 years ago when I was headed off to law school that I'd eventually wind up in interior design... well I'd say to heck with law school! HA! No, in all seriousness, it just happened this way. I truly believe this is where God wants me to be using the talents He gave me. Everyone has that thing they feel they are meant to do, and I've fallen into mine.

So, am I glad I went to law school? Yes. I really am. I think it opened up opportunities for me I wouldn't have had otherwise. It also made me understand business, entrepreneurship, and made me think about things in ways I wouldn't have before. For that I'm glad. I also made some of the most amazing friendships through law school and King & Spalding and I would never take back meeting all of my wonderful legal peeps. :) Will I ever practice again? I don't know. For now, I'm extremely happy and feel blessed to be doing something that I truly love. I can't say that I was ever passionate about law, it was just something I did and could do. Every free moment I had you'd find me browsing fabrics, flipping through magazines, making mock up sketches of room designs, and crafting mood boards. I now do these things and get paid for it. Pinch me please.

No, the money isn't quite as good, but the headaches are fewer and my soul is filling up everyday. I can't put a price on that.

My new title? Showroom & Studio Manager, Assistant Interior Designer for S. Tallevast Interiors, Curry & Co., and Floy Home. Hot dog!

Savannah people, come by and see us at Cohen's Retreat! Our retail store is located in the Brown Dog Market, and the website will be up and running soon ( See you soon!