Monday, July 18, 2016

Screened Porch: We Have A Roof!

Something I didn't necessarily think I'd see when we got married- Hubby scaling a roof. Ha. He's now skilled craftsman-metal roof-installer guy. Actually, I think he's now happier than ever that he's not a roofer by trade. 

Day One: all of the big pieces were up pretty much. No broken legs or arms. Victory!

It started raining, so work stopped that afternoon. Metal roof plus lightning- probably not a great idea. 

At the end of the first day, this long piece still needed to be installed. Oh, that thing on the ground? Yes, that is one ugly as sin Clemson garden gnome. I was hoping he would get broken in this building process. So far, he's prevailed. Curses.

Evans thinks he's a Santa Claus. 

Day Two: metal roof complete! 

And Day Three (aka early this morning) : Gable end closed up and ready for Hardie Plank!

Close up of the color. It's is almost an exact match of our shutters. It's Millennium Metals 5V in Gray if you are in the market for metal roofing supplies.

We are still debating leaving the trusses exposed and painting them or finishing the ceiling off with Azek boards. TBD. 

They do look cool, and I love the way the rain sounds hitting the metal. 

So here's where we are now! It's at least functional now, even though it's not painted or screened yet. Love how shaded it is now! Take that, Savannah heat.

Still to do:

Hardie Plank siding on lower wall and gable. 
Beadboard interior wall (and ceiling?)

Jury is still out on paint/stain. Seeing it this far in the process now has me thinking all gray. Why is it I can decide things for clients no problem, but for my own projects I'm so dang indecisive!?! 

The back of the house has lots of white, although we do have gray shutters on our windows, I'm kind of wanting more contrast. So now I think we may paint the siding the same gray as the shutters (Behr Elephant Skin), stain the columns with Behr semitransparent stain (something like Cape Cod Gray or Drift Gray... TBD). We'll see! :) 

One weekend of work closer to completion! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Screened Porch: Metal Is Here! And Other Plans

Hubs and I just got back from a fun getaway in Hilton Head. My parents came down to keep the girls, and we were off! It was a nice "break" from being Mommy, but dang I missed my kiddos! 

Ok, onto fun stuff. Our metal arrived yesterday! This is for the roof obviously. For locals, we ordered it from Rowe Supply and it's just as it was pictured. A perfect shade of gray from Millennium Metals in the 5V style. This goes up tomorrow! 

Once the roof is finished, Hardie Plank siding will go up, and then paintable Azek beadboard on the inside walls and ceiling. Plans for painting include a mix of paint and stain colors. I originally thought all white, but now I'm thinking I want it a little more interesting. 

The new plan:

Stain the columns and knee braces/supports and screen surrounds something like Behr's exterior stain in cape cod gray. 
Paint the Hardie Plank on lower wall and gable same as the house- SW Alabaster. 
Paint the ceiling same as house shutters- Behr Elephant Skin. 

Behr Exterior Stain Cape Cod Gray

Some inspiration pictures...

Hopefully I'll have more progress pictures after this weekend! :) Can't wait. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Kitchen Progress

"Phase One" I guess you can call it is now complete in our kitchen. The cabinets are painted and hardware installed... finally. I couldn't decide on a color, then I was pregnant and busy with a newborn. Then finally this summer I had time to finish this space up. There's still some things I'd love to do in this room, but that's in the future. I made a promise with Hubs that we wouldn't start any other projects for a while... wink :)

So far, we've painted the wood paneling and the walls. My dad made new cabinet fronts in a shaker style, and we installed new hardware. The light over the sink was replaced with a small pendant, and we added beadboard to the ceiling. I made a faux roman shade from left over fabric, and voila this room is done (for now, wink :) )





 Future plans... I'd like to remove the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room (wall is to the left of this picture). I'd also like to remove the high bar that separates the family room from the kitchen. I just think a larger open space would do great things for the traffic flow in this area. We never use the bar, and it's a constant catch-all for clutter, which I cannot stand. I'd also like to add a small workspace style island on wheels that also has storage cabinets and drawers. 

I'd like to finish the beadboard on entire ceiling and add recessed lighting. Lighting is EVERYTHING in your home. It can seriously make or break a room.  Right now we have an old light in the bulkhead and the new pendant over the sink. Recessed lighting would go a long way in here.

Maybe eventually we will replace the granite, but that's not really high on the priority list at this point. It's in good shape so we'll roll with it. 

I have some accessorizing and organizing yet to do, but I'm glad the paint is finally done! One more thing off my to-do list.