Friday, February 5, 2016

Finished Guest Room & Nursery

With about 2.5 weeks to go before my due date, I finally got around to finishing and organizing the guest room/ nursery! It's mostly a guest room as we likely won't have Mae Caroline sleep in here until she's 3 months old or so (or whenever I feel like going through crib training again, ha!). And then it seems like she'll be right back out of here and sharing a room with her big sis. The plan is to have twin beds in Evans' room, so hopefully by the time MC is around 18 months or so she'll be ready to make the switch to a big girl bed like E did. We'll see.... For now, though, this room is done! 

For the record, Hubs HATES the hats, the birds, the coral... I think he likes the paint color and the white bedding? HA. He has another thing coming about to live with THREE girls, doesn't he?? Poor thing. He's entitled to an opinion (so long as it's the right one). HA HA. 

I like that the room is still functional as a guest room without being too baby-baby. Really, once MC is out of her crib, we'll just need to move the crib to storage and maybe just fill that corner with a reading chair. I never really get to do bright colors so this was a fun way to get creative. Mostly I'm drawn to neutrals and textures (and so are my clients) but we DO live in Savannah now on Isle of Hope. How could I resist something a little more whimsical and less predictable? Like my boss says, we could do the blue-gray-seagrass scheme in our sleep... and sometimes we do. HA. 

Hopefully Mae Caroline likes it and hopefully guests will, too. One more thing off the mommy-do-list! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My 2 Year Old

A little update on my first born. She is miss personality these days, and has become quite her own little person. Talking in complete sentences now, singing every song under the sun, counting from one to "eleben", and giving me lots of attitude! She still doesn't really understand that a baby is heading our way, but she loves to talk about "baby sista" and "Mae Keywine". Cute, Cute, cute.

She's still very much a mama's girl. When Daddy gives her a bath or changes a diaper (yes, still in diapers people), or gets her dressed, etc, she is quick to say something like "No, Mommys do it!". Ha. She loves to be silly with her daddy, but she wants Mama when things get rough.

Speaking of rough, all FOUR of her 2 year molars are currently breaking skin! She's been slightly crankier and is sure to tell me often "my mouth is hurtin' '" or "my teef coming in!". She's still sleeping and napping great though, so I can't complain. I'm sure her mouth is hurting! I'm glad we don't remember teething as adults.

She's been really good about brushing teeth lately. We do it before school and right before bed. Daddy is the usual brusher in the house, but Evans likes to try it out herself, too. She always says "ooohhh toof paste taste-tess good!". HA.

We are working on introducing the "big girl pottys" as she calls it. She has yet to actually USE it, but she loves to sit on it. I'm not pushing anything at this point. She'll get there when she's ready.

She still loves to color, read her books, listen to music and DANCE, and ride her big girl bike. She's getting so big. Wearing 3T clothes, taller than anyone in her class, and apparently as her teacher has told me, she's the "alpha female" leader of the pack. HA. Not at all surprising knowing that girl.

Fun with D ma

She's still the love of my life and I cannot imagine a day without her in it. So thankful to be her "Mommys" !

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

37 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks + 3 days

Size of baby? Around 6 pounds 8 ounces

How I'm changing? 38 pounds gained. I am MISERABLE. Everything hurts 24/7. Ugh. Today at my ultrasound MC was measuring 6 pounds 8 ounces and right on track for a 2/20 arrival. My doctor said she will induce me anytime after 39 weeks (February 13th) if I elect to go that route. She would prefer I don't go past 41 (February 27th) weeks, however (fine by me). Looks like this will be a February baby after all! I don't really want to be induced before my due date, just me personally... but as miserable as I am right now the offer was pretty tempting! We'll see how the next couple weeks go. I may be begging by the end of it.

Nesting? Definitely trying to get things done around this house while I have some time. It's always a work in progress around here, but knowing a baby is coming within 3 weeks is a good motivator. I finally got around to finishing up the master bedroom. I've also pretty much finished the guest room/ nursery! I found some cute sun hats to hang over the bed to complete the whole cottage look. Yay! Full post on this room later this week.

I also found a friend of a friend who was getting rid of her son's rock-n-play sleeper and bounce seat. Since we couldn't find ours, I scooped these items up. Now we are all set! And the rock-n-play actually fits in our bedroom. This is quite an accomplishment! HA! 

Best moment of the week? I got to see Mae Caroline's little profile and watch her kick and squirm on ultrasound today. Her little hand is up by her face.

God is good!