Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Massive Catchup

Two months away from the blog- where did time go! The girls are still at home with me three days a week, so life has been so busy. I hate that I haven't had time to document things going on, especially Mae Caroline's updates! So here we go for a catchup, mostly in pictures!

Mae Caroline started walking soon after her first birthday, and now she's running. Hooray!

She can say uh-oh, bye bye, thank you (tan-u), peekaboo (pee-boo), and peep eye! She's into EVERYTHING constantly, I hardly get to sit down. Evans will soon start going to school 5 days a week for summer camp, and I hired an awesome babysitter to come sit with MC 2 days a week. On those days I try to cram in everything I can from errands to The Houston House, LLC work. It's crazy right now, but I know this is just a season of life. Although most days I feel a thousand years old!

Evans is really growing up. She is testing everything, her boundaries, independence, everything. But in the end she is a really good girl (just quite head strong ha!) She loves to do arts and crafts, sing and dance. Probably her favorite right now is dance party in the living room. She always asks me to turn the music up and put on a pretty dress for her to twirl. It's precious! She really enjoys my 80's tunes, although she'll put up with Daddy's Neil Diamond as well. Her favorite song right now is the B52's love shack. She sings over and over KNOCK ON THE DOOR BABY! HA. Hilarious.

I hit a slow period with work for a couple months, which is never fun. But lately it's picked back up and I'm thankful! I have a couple of bathroom renovations I'm working on, and just wrapped up a porch addition for my cousin. A few other projects are in the works, so fingers crossed!

We went home a few weeks ago to SC. While there, my mom and I took Evans to see Disney on Ice. She loved everything except for the evil queen on Snow White. She was terrified! But, once the queen was gone all was well again.

Easter was spent over at my Aunt Paula's. It's a tradition each year. Church, Easter egg hunts, lunch and chocolate. What could be better?

I think that's a good wrap on what's been going on the last two months. Yay, another baby book entry. Until next time, hopefully it won't be another two months!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Atlanta Trip

At the beginning of March, Hubs and I went to Atlanta to get our condo ready to sell. I hadn't been back since we moved to Savannah 2.5 years ago! It was SO good to go back and see old friends and familiar places. 

This was Mark's bachelor pad and then became our first home. Many memories here! From law school, dating, engaged (Mark asked me to marry him at the condo!), on and on.

It was in good shape, just needing some updating. A little mini facelift. 

New paint throughout, new kitchen hood and backsplash, new lighting, and a deep clean got it market ready. Hooray. After 4 days on the market, we were under contract. If all goes as planned, we are closing at the end of April. I'm happy and sad. Nostalgic I guess is the term. 

We also made time to head up to Roswell to visit our old neighborhood and neighbors. It was so odd seeing our old house. Nothing had really changed except some of the landscaping. I miss that house every single day that passes! Wish I could have taken it with me to Savannah along with all of our neighborhood friends. 

We hit all of our old stomping grounds. Jersey Mike's in Brookhaven, Verde on Dresden, Flying Biscuit, and a few other old haunts. 

We met up with friends Tyler and Jimmy and ate at the Optimist one night, best restaurant in Atlanta!
We also got to meet up with our friends Jennie and Jarad. It had been TOOOOO long! We ate at the new (to us) South City Kitchen location in Buckhead. SO Good. We about shut the restaurant down that night chatting and enjoying ourselves. I miss these people!!!

Standing in the spot he proposed :) Sigh. Love you, babe! We both got a little emotional leaving the condo for the last time. 

I have MISSED this girl!!!!!

Obviously, I am glad we live near family again, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Atlanta. A truly wonderful and diverse city. We love you, ATL.