Monday, April 20, 2015

About ME

Got this from Sweet Caroline..... a fun little survey. Happy Monday! 

Age:  31

B: bed size:  KING! Can't imagine going smaller. I need my space! 

C: chore you hate:  an easier question would be chores that I LIKE... Ha. I really despise cleaning the kitchen. 

D: dogs: Blakely girl 

E:  Essential to start your day:  coffee AND breakfast. I am not one of those people who can skip breakfast. Really I can't skip any meal, but breakfast has to happen.

F:  favorite color:  any shade of blue 

G: Gold or silver: both!

H: Height: I like to think I'm a tall 5'3. HA.

I: instruments you play:  I'm not musical. I can play the same tunes anybody can play on a piano- like "heart & soul" and "away in a manger".... I played guitar for about a month in high school and gave up when my fingers started blistering. I'm more of a listener! 

J: job title:  I'm currently a stay at home mom and wouldn't trade the time I've had for the world! I'm also an attorney and about to get back to legal work soon.  

K: Kids: Bootsie girl Evans  :) 

L: live: the most beautiful southern city- Savannah, Georgia! 

M: movie:  forever will be The Princess Bride

N: nickname:  Ash, Bodes

O: overnight hospital stays: just when I had my daughter 

P: pet peeve:  Speaker phone, chewing with your mouth open, smacking, using an apostrophe to make a last name plural instead of just adding the "s". 

Q: quote: "don't find time, make time".

R: righty or lefty: right

S: siblings: brother

T: time you wake up:  7:15 

U: University you attended:  SOUTH CAROLINA, GO COCKS!!

V: vegetable you dislike: I'm not a huge veggie fan actually. I do like broccoli and peas and carrots. 

W: what makes you late: can't find my keys, which is often :)  

X: x-rays: none

Y: yummy food:  fried chicken, chicken salad, hamburgers.... I need to eat better I think! 

Z: zoo animal:  I like the gorillas! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

16 months

It is finally spring in Savannah! The weather has been so gorgeous, and we've had a ton of outdoor fun lately. Evans loves to run around outside... what kid doesn't. Her hair in the humidity makes me giggle. That head of hair will probably be untamable this summer. 

She went through about a two week stint of not eating that much. Come to find out, an ear infection and molars were the cause. Happy to say she is back to her usual Bootsie ways. Girl loves her food! She has 9 teeth (including one bottom molar), and her other 3 one-year molars are pushing through now. Almost time for a steak dinner, Boot! 

New words as of lately: "I love you", "Deedaw" (the other day she said clear as day "Hi Deedaw" to my granddaddy who we call.... well... Deedaw), "Night night", "hot dog", "help", "more", and my personal favorite "Papa" (for my dad). We were FaceTiming with my parents last week, and she learned to say "Papa" while talking with them. Hubs just happened to be filming her, so we have it on tape! She says "Papa" several times and squeals with delight. She was so proud of herself!

 I am confident she knows what I'm saying to her now. She is getting better at following directions, but I can tell she is strong willed already. 

Her new favorite spot is her chair the Easter Bunny brought to her. She sits here and "reads" her books to her babies. So cute. 

She loves to play with her cousins, Cooper and Jackson! The boys wear her out, but she is rough and tumble right along with them. It's funny to think that this same tub at my aunt's house bathed all of us cousins when we were babies, too.

Evans' hair is getting so long! I can almost pull it all back in one pony tail. Funny to think she was so bald for so long. 

Evans continues to be a huge fan of Daddy. 

And her baby Emma....

And, apparently she loves sweet tea as well. I turned my back for two seconds last night to turn around and find that she had taken my drink. Chick-fil-A sweet tea. Only the best. She's her mama's daughter. 

Stats: wearing 2T, 26 lbs, 34 inches, size 5 shoes, size 4 diapers. Cute as a button. Sassy little Boot. 16 months... in some ways that is really hard to believe.  Time didn't always feel like it was flying (especially in those horrid newborn days), but it's definitely going too fast now. I want to bottle up all of her sweetness and have it with me always.

As for Hubs and me, we are so happy in Savannah and know we made the right decision moving here. Evans gets to grow up among so much of her family, and we love being so close to the water. On Saturday we went on a date out on Tybee Island. I mean- date night at the beach, sometimes I have to pinch myself. And FREE babysitting from my Aunt Judy. Evans loved spending the night at Ju-Ju's. 

I'm thankful we took a leap of faith in selling our house and taking a chance on Savannah.  We've just started looking for houses here- I had forgotten (almost) how much I hate this process. I am already tired of searching for "our" home. The right one will come along eventually! 

Good things come to those who wait. I'll have to remind Evans of that one day. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Scenes around IOH

Isle of Hope...... come and see why we love this place. These photographs were taken by a local here on the island, Sammy Moore. He takes some incredible pictures! The IOH 2015 calendar included his beautiful pictures. Of course, they were all sold out by the time I went to buy one. Boo! 

Here's a little peek into life on the island. 

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

via Sammy Moore

We've started looking for houses out here to call permanent. Trying to be patient for the right deal to come along is not easy for me. We'll probably have to squeeze into a 1 bedroom shack to be able to afford to live out here long term, but it may be worth it. :)