Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hall Bathroom Plans

Thank you all so very much for the kind words and emails, etc. after I shared my news Monday. I am feeling the love, and was surprised to hear from so many that have been through similar. Now I know that it's more common than I thought and that I am not alone. Thank you for the prayers! It means so much to our family.  XOXO

Moving on to something much more lighthearted and fun- like renovation plans. Our hall bath is about to get a complete gut job! It's the guest and kid bathroom and probably gets the most use being right off the main living areas. It's also not seen a bit of updates since maybe 1950 when the house was built. The only things we are keeping are the light fixture and the medicine cabinet/mirror. I'll let these pictures speak for themselves. It's time for a face lift.

Gorgeous purple, green and mauve...

I'm already testing paint colors, no patience...

Our molding, chipping vanity.... purple and gray tile floors....

More mauve and green love. 


Demo should be starting (I HOPE) this week. Should be about 2 days of demo and a week or so of laying tile and setting the new plumbing, tub, and vanity. Hooray!! I can't wait for Evans to have a nice new bathroom. I'm still washing her in the BABY TUB (yes, I'm serious) because I didn't want to get her in the nasty old cracking and peeling tub. I'm sure she'll appreciate the space and freedom to roam, considering she's almost 2 and still being washed like an infant!!

Hubs and I picked up our tile and got the tub, etc ordered this week. I opted for this Martha Stewart vanity in gray from Home Depot. I love that it's coastal feeling, and it's the right size to squeeze into this small bath. I also love that it has legs and an open shelf. I think that will make the space feel a little more roomy being able to see under the cabinet.

The shower will be your typical 3x6 white subway tile (also Home Depot). At $1.76 sq ft that seemed like a no brainer. It's ceramic and hard working, and that's perfect for a kid bath. 

The flooring is a porcelain tile that looks like wood planks. It's from Floor & Decor. $3.30 sq ft. Also a no brainer. I would love to say we could put marble throughout this bathroom, but marble is not strong enough to withstand Evans and all of her antics! Plus, it's way out of our budget. 

For plumbing, we used Sandpiper Supply Co. here in Savannah. They have the best selection I think, plus they give a professional designer/ contractor discount which I definitely took advantage of! Score! We went with Moen. It's easiest to install (so our plumber is happy) and it's a good brand with great reviews, and the prices are fair. I chose the Brantford collection in chrome. Simple, traditional, timeless. Done and done. 

We also ordered a new tub from Sandpiper. It's just your typical rectangular white tub. One that's not chipping, not yellow, and not 70 years old. HA. 

For the main walls, my dad is installing beadboard 66" high. It'll be about 2/3rds the height of the room. I'm thinking I'll paint the top portion of the wall a fun color since the rest of the bath will be gray and white and very neutral. 

So there you have it! Can't wait for this project to be underway. I may have to start using the kid bath!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Houston House is Growing

So, we're growing by another little bean! I think I'm the most shocked of anyone. It's been a rocky first trimester so far, but I'm glad to be 14 weeks and hopefully turning a corner soon. I found out late with this pregnancy that we were expecting. We planned to start trying at the end of this year for number 2, but obviously God had other plans...

Ok, so the rest of the story is probably TMI for most, so stop reading now. I debated even blogging this since it's very personal. I ultimately decided to share because finding message boards and posts like this online has helped me so much. Being able to find other moms out there who are going through or have been through similar is in some way comforting.

I had what I thought was my period maybe a week earlier than I was really "due". I just assumed it was my normal cycle and went on about my business. Well, the bleeding didn't stop. For weeks. What?? Took a pregnancy test to see if maybe that was contributing to my wonky cycle, expecting surely it would be negative and I'd just need to make a normal GYN appointment to see what the heck was going on.


I think I about fainted right there in my bathroom. Not that I wasn't excited, of course we're thrilled. I feel so blessed to be able to carry another child, and do not take any of this for granted. But the shock of the news definitely took me by surprise. Plus, there was all that bleeding... Which in my mind bleeding during pregnancy always equals bad, bad things. So panic set in.

My doctor confirmed the pregnancy at 8 weeks. She explained that the bleeding could just be due to hormonal changes or implantation. Who knows. Around that time it had slowed way down to only spotting, so I wasn't too concerned. However, around 9 weeks, I had a massive bleed episode. I thought for sure we were losing the baby, and I tried to prepare myself accordingly. This was a Friday. I couldn't get into my doctor until Monday, so that weekend was LONG.

Fully expecting to find no heartbeat, I was once again shocked. There she or he was, heart just flickering away on ultrasound. That's the good news. The bad news? I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage. Do yourself a favor and DON'T google that. I shouldn't have. My doctor explained it as a tear in the lining, usually resulting from a "crash landing" from the egg implanting. More good news though, mine was small at 2cm and didn't really pose much of a threat to the pregnancy. I was put on light duty and went about my way.

A week later I had an even worse episode of bleeding. No cramps or pain, but I can't even describe the amount of blood. So freaking scary. I tried to once again prepare myself for the worst, that possibly this pregnancy was not in the plans after all, and heaven needed this angel more than earth.
I got into the doctor's office the next morning, I got to see this little fighter doing just FINE... but more bad news. Somehow in a week's time, the hemorrhage had grown to 12 cm, which is considered "large". I was put on bed rest until further notice.

Thankfully my dad was in town and my husband cancelled his work trips. Bed rest while taking care of a wild and crazy toddler is a joke if you don't have help. Luckily I only had to stay on full-time rest for just over a week. The episode cleared up considerably, so my doctor put me on pelvic rest and light duty. I had another check up last week and found that the hemorrhage has shrunk to 6cm! Still considered "large", but at least the modified bed rest is working so far. Hopefully this thing will heal up by my next ultrasound in 3 weeks. I'm still not allowed to pick up anything over 10 pounds (really HARD with Evans), and I'm supposed to just "take it easy". Right....

Hubs has been amazing during this whole ordeal. He has stepped in for almost all of the housework, and definitely all of the Evans work. He is my rock. In sickness and in health! He's my hero. My parents have also taken turns coming down to help me. They both work and have their own lives, so to pack up and come on down every other week is huge. THANK YOU!!

So, I'm not out of the woods yet, but every day I get to remain pregnant is a complete blessing. I'm so thankful this hemorrhage seems to be healing, and pray that it continues to do so. It's been such a mind game. Bleeding every day, slowing and starting again, thinking I'm healing, then bleeding again. It's hard to go through this. Most doctors say these things resolve by 20 weeks, but when you are the mama going through it- it's hard to be told "wait and see". My prayer life has gotten a super charge, that's for sure.

We look forward to meeting baby #2 in February! XOXO little bean. We are praying for you!

12 weeks pregnant bump

Monday, August 17, 2015

20 Months

Evans turned 20 months last week... Almost a big 2 year old. Her personality is out of control. She loves to perform and doesn't meet a stranger. Her nickname at school is "wild child" and it is very fitting. She's not just busy, she's a maniac! She keeps us laughing though! 

Still clearing her plate on a daily basis... 

Loves spending time with Papa and D. 

She's really gotten into coloring, which keeps her occupied for quite a while. She's also a fan of stickers. 

She got a visit from her friend Ellis all the way from Atlanta. These girls are about 4 months part and played together so well. They even had the same dance moves! 

Evans loves the pool and anything with water. Loves to be outdoors, even if it's a thousand degrees! She's discovered a huge a banana spider that's made a web in the backyard and asks you to take her out to see "pider" at least three times a day. 

Although she's mostly rough and tumble, she does have her sweet moments. Occasionally she will give you a snuggle, and she loves to rock and feed her baby dolls. 

Evans favorite thing right now is music! She lives for singing and dancing and puts her full heart into both. Most of the day she is belting, I mean singing to the top of her lungs shouting, different songs. Some of her favorites right now are the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, and most recently God Bless America. It cracks us up that she sings so many songs and you can actually pick up the tune and the words she's saying! Every night she sings herself to sleep in her crib. Beyond cute! 

We love you, crazy girl! Love seeing you and your big personality grow.