Monday, October 13, 2014

10 Months

Evans is now ten months old and such a joy in our lives. Her little personality is really showing these days. She loves to play peek-a-boo and smile and giggle. I am slightly addicted to her sweetness. 

 She still loves to go shopping and be out and about. 
She's great at playing on her own, but she really loves being around her cousins and friends, too! 

She's a total mama's girl, but she's warming up to Daddy everyday. I know he will be the favorite before long. 

She likes to go out to restaurants now, too. Here she is at JalapeƱos enjoying some chicken and rice, and people watching. 

Last week she started daycare! She is in part time and loves it. She comes home exhausted from playing her heart out. The first day I dropped her off there were no tears, and she was completely indifferent when I picked her up. Ha! We joke that she probably thinks they are just more relatives in my big family. 

Evans is a great eater and always cleans her plate. She is eating more kitchen foods instead of baby foods now and loves feeding herself. A new favorite- pancakes and syrup :)

She also had her first trip to Tybee! It was random. We were actually running errands and on our way to Home Depot, and instead decided to skip that and drive to the beach. Tybee is only 30 minutes away! We drove out there around 5:30 and let Evans get her toes sandy. She was in awe. Cutie. 

Her toe prints 

She also took a trip to the zoo with friends! 
10 months have come and gone. Her schedule is about the same. Still not walking, but she wants to so bad and is always trying! Hence the little bumps and bruises on her knees :) she doesn't seem bothered by her little tumbles. On the move always. We love you, busy bee E!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Master Reno: This & That

The hardware came in for the master bedroom closet and my dad went ahead and put the drawer pulls on. I am loving these 12" pulls! The top drawers will receive smaller knobs. 

The bathroom tile is now grouted! The grout color is a silvery gray to blend in. Hopefully the gray is easier to keep clean than standard white grout. 

And my trip to HomeGoods was a success. I found king bedding, toss pillows, (4) 96" curtains, etc. and didn't break the bank. Steal. Can't wait for install day, but there's more construction to do before we get there! 

Evans started daycare yesterday, so I had time to work on my parents design, but also had time to paint. There's plenty of inspiration down here in Savannah! I will be doing a giveaway soon so follow along! You can also follow on Instagram @ashleyhoustondesigns. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Weekend

We spent most of our weekend outdoors due to the gorgeous weather. This is why fall is my absolute favorite. Abundant sunshine and temps around 72. No sticky air, no sweating, no runny makeup or frizzed hair. Perfection. 

We went for a long walk around Skidaway Island. It's beautiful! 
The drive back to Isle of Hope over the Diamond Causeway. Pinching myself daily that this is "home".

And of course we strolled the neighborhood. Nothing quite like sunshine pouring through live oaks and glistening off the water. 
The houses are all getting ready for Halloween, too! I love seeing the fall decorations. 

Can you believe it's October already? Evans will be ten months old in a week. Crazy. 

Hope everyone's weekend was great!