Friday, September 13, 2019

Girls' Bedroom

A little glimpse at my kiddos' room today. They still share a room and still love to do so, we'll see what the future will hold. For now they like the each other's company. My five year old still insists the three year old walk her to the bathroom in the  middle of the night. Hilarious.

Back in May the girls got queen beds! MC has been out of the crib for some time, but started outgrowing her toddler bed (falling off the sides, ha). The upholstered headboards are by CR LAINE and are upholstered in a performance fabric.

I've updated the bedskirts since taking these pictures, still need to iron those and photograph. They are a coral toile from Ballard Designs. TBC..

I had Thibaut paper installed on the back wall and LOVE IT. The girls love it, too. They each have a "favorite bird" haha. Cuties. This wallpaper can be wiped down if needed. We've had the DO NOT COLOR ON THE WALL OR YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR LIFE talk a lot. 

Happy Friday (the 13th) friends!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lake Build Updates

What a week! We just got back from Charleston from seeing Heather McMahan. Holy cow. She's hilarious, but some of the audience members were kind of ruining the show. Maybe I'm just an old fart these days, but I'd rather not feel like I'm at a high school party, if you know what I'm saying. Wink wink. 

In other news, I posted my Christmas 2019 sign up last week and you guys got it totally booked up. I thank you!! I look forward to coming and being your elf again this year for holiday design. If you signed up, you'll receive an email from me this week confirming the date and time. Be sure to respond so I know you got it! 

Today I thought I would share a few of the latest pictures I took over at the lake build! I need to run back over soon and take more pictures because it looks different even now with the addition of art on the walls, lamps, etc. 

How great is this space for entertaining? A large kitchen island doubles as the kitchen table for this family. The large doors open up to the screen porch and grilling area overlooking the water. 

Two Pottery Barn reclining chairs in a handsome pin stripe.  Iron nesting tables also Pottery Barn. 

Functional and pretty! 
Eventually a backsplash will be added to the beverage fridge wall. 
Around the back is a homework/bills/desk area that leads to the walk in pantry room. Plenty of storage! 

The details here-  antiques and collected finds my clients already owned that are gracing the shelves, traditional leather couches, modern iron side tables and stair railing, and a nod to French style with the oversized iron chandelier, texture with brick and groove ceiling, and we've got every fabric you can think of on the pillows (velvet, linen, faux fur, knits)... I love the mix! 

Many people are afraid of painting their rooms white for fear it will be cold. It's all about the layering after the paint though. Paint is just the backdrop for all the goodies. 

The master bedroom suite is also coming along. Custom drapes and custom iron hardware finished off these windows. Beautiful job by Martha & Ash. 

The home office also coming along. These shelves are painted SW Indigo Batik , in real life they are more of a deep blue.  In decorating bookshelves, I like to leave some breathing room. Less is more. Negative space is just as important as the positive space. That keeps your shelves from being cluttered. Also working in a color scheme across the shelves helps unify them. Here I've done a mix of the clay & camel and medium wood tones. 

Now I'm off to shop for a project. Hoping the heat will not do me in. This weather is stupid, y'all. 

Have a good one! 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Living Room Change Up

Is anyone else wishing fall to get here already?! It's my favorite time of year. Yes I love the lake, and the beach, the boat, swimming, all the things that come with summer. But FALL is by far my favorite. Comfortable clothes, the weather rocks, the things to do, the COZINESS! All of it! Anyway, I haven't full on decorated for fall because, hello, it's still 100 degrees here! Arg. I'm over summer, can you tell?

We recently changed up a few things in the living room and kitchen, because that's what I do! Aint nothing safe around here. :) I've taken it back to warmer tones.

One thing that helped warm it up was by adding brick to the fireplace. Before it was a dark black hole. I love this brick from Home Depot! We added a wall of brick to the kitchen as well. 

I can't wait for pumpkins. 

Here's the brick in our kitchen. I absolutely love the new view looking into our dining room! 

My dad helped me on this project. By helped I meant did 99 percent of it. I glued pieces down, but he was the real know-how expert. I did arrange the color patterns. And cleaned the grout. Does that count? 

And I love this new view from our front door. So welcoming to see that brick looking through! 

Back to the living room. I rearranged the furniture a little. By pulling out the couch from the wall and turning the gray chairs at an angle, I think the room just feels a bit more open and adds for a better "conversation" area. If that makes sense. Before it felt very office waiting room-like. 

I swapped out the wool patterned tribal rug for a simple natural rug in a larger size. Previously we had a 9x12, and it just didn't house the furniture the way I wanted it to. This one is a 10x14. I like for at least the front legs of furniture to be touching the area rug if at all possible. 

I swapped out the navy baskets for natural ones, continuing that texture and color scheme. This is where my kids keep their toys that are downstairs. 

And I hope you weren't attached to the spots, because they gone :) HA! It's only paint. Live a little. 

I am not sure what this color is. I mixed together two paint samples I had (SW Silvermist and SW Grounded) and this is how that combo looks. 

I still need to paint the return and hem my curtains, but who has that kind of time, right? 

PSA::Did you know Sherwin Williams can make any paint color into a spray paint? My mind was recently blown at this information!!! How handy is that? 

And that's a wrap on recent changes! Next up is the powder room. To be continued...