Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Break & Life Lately

Spring break was last week, here's a little recap. Also known as the photo dump and what we've been up to the past couple weeks, rolled into one post :)

At the last minute, we decided to stay home for Easter due to the stomach bug. Boooo. By Easter Sunday, everyone felt great, so we hosted Easter lunch last minute after church. My parents and Hubs' came, along with Hubs' grandmama Boofie. We ate too much, but tried to walk it off with a stroll down to the lake and the playground with the kiddos.

The kids had egg hunts at church and loved it! 

Our Easter table

Hubs and I both took off work for spring break since the kids would be at home. It was AWESOME! Monday we decided to hire a babysitter. The weather was beautiful and we were itching to take the boat out just the adults. We spent almost 3 hours cruising around. I got sunburned. Worth it.

We took the girls and Papa and Dma out on Tuesday, and ended up having dinner at Liberty and watching the sunset. I cannot wait for summer!!! 

Around our house we hung artwork 

Finish painting the stair railings

Replaced the dining room rug

We had nice weather again on Friday... so we went on the lake again. Have to take advantage of the nice days when they pop up! Our friends Holly and Judy were in town, so they came and brought baby Landry (Hubs' goddaughter). We love this family so much!

The week flew by, as they always do. Back to the grind today! 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Powder Room

Our powder room is done! Well, done for this budget anyways. :) We are dealing with the stomach bug/flu/ general nastiness here. Fitting I'd be sharing a bathroom this week?!

Let's just jump right in.



Hardwood floors, walls painted SW Gray Matters

Ceiling painted SW Mountain Air , Existing light fixture painted black 

Swapped out the oval mirror for this one from Ballard Designs 

artwork by Ann Sweeney and myself, plates from World Market

Towels from World Market, art by me

Basket hung on the wall using nails, it houses our toilet paper and extra towels (also at a height our oldest toddler can reach to dry her hands!)

My favorite part of this room is this art by my oldest daughter. I LOVE IT! She's so creative. I gave her a canvas and got out all of her art supplies: markers, chalk, crayons, watercolor, colored pencils, dry erase, etc etc. She had a ball creating the different layers and patterns. She says it is her and her daddy swimming in Lake Murray. I just love it!!

I helped her add some gold around the edges using rub and buff (and gloves, don't worry!) 

Can you see it? That's Daddy.

That's Evans swimming.

And that's it! Pray our little family gets well soon! Poor Mae Mae is still feeling puny.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Boys' Room

A project update! 
I think I shared this design plan a few weeks ago on the blog. I know I talked about it some on Instagram. This is a shared boys' bedroom! The client wanted a vintage baseball theme. So away we go! 

I started out with this plan to show her. I started out by jotting down different elements that came to mind when thinking about "vintage" and "baseball". Rugged, rustic, texture, antique. 

But, it's also got to function as a boys' room and have plenty of storage. 
So, here goes.

METAL: industrial letters, metal bed
LEATHER: leather benches at the end of the bed serve double purpose as storage and a place to sit and play video games, read books, etc.
COTTON: sheets, also in a pinstripe!
RECLAIMED WOOD: dresser and nightstand

The client has several Cubs pennants that we will have framed and use as art in the room. For the curtains, I wanted something boyish but not too themed (for example, I didn't want an actual baseball print). I found these at West Elm and thought they'd be perfect. They sort of read as a stripe, but it's abstract enough to keep the room feeling modern.

The rustic nightstand and dresser just feel like an old school dugout and baseball stadium to me. You know like League Of Their Own, but for boys.  Can you tell I'm a GIRL mom? :)

And here's the plan in action today! The furniture has all arrived along with the curtains and bedding! 

We've got to get a curtain rod to install the curtains yet, and still need to accessorize and frame the art. 
However, isn't this so cute! My client said her boys slept in here on their new beds for the first time last night and slept THROUGH THE NIGHT. 


I decided not to do a literal baseball theme. Without the art and accessories that are to come, this could easily be a teen room or even a neutral guest bedroom. That's the key to kid spaces!! 
Be sure to choose items that they can grow with, not grow out of

I can't wait to share more when this project is complete!