Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I stumbled across this the other day, and it made me pause. 

I'm 31 now. To some that's young, to others it's old. 31 years have come and gone now, and the best has always been yet to come.

Back in 2002, I was sitting at the dinner table across from friends celebrating our last day of high school. SENIORS. Sadness sank in, as all of us were heading separate directions. These people I'd grown up with the past 18 years wouldn't be there everyday anymore. My best friends in the entire world. It's funny. When you are 18 you can't grasp how big the world is. It's still hard to grasp that at 31. Those friends I just knew I wouldn't be able to live without I now keep up with on Facebook occasionally. I'm only close to a couple. I have wonderful memories from high school, but the best was absolutely yet to come.

College came and went in a blur. I loved school so much, I decided to stay 5 years. No real responsibilities. Freedom. Football games. Parties. Late nights, early mornings. Road trips. The best of days. And up to that point, they really were. To think there was more at a point in my life when I just knew it couldn't get any better would have been shocking. And yet, I hadn't even met my husband yet. The man that makes me laugh so hard I cry. The guy that sings Neil Diamond at the top of his lungs, in public, just because. I still had ahead of me falling in love, becoming a Mrs., and entering motherhood. Tell that to the girl that thought half-price wing night was the best that things would ever get. Shocking.

Wouldn't we all love to be able to write our 15-18-20 something year old selves a letter? Mine would mostly include the don'ts. Don't do this. Stay away from that. When that boy calls, RUN. (Run away, that is.) The don'ts. But then I realize the do nots and should nots brought me to where I am today, and for that I'm glad. I'm glad my first sip of brown water made me sick. I haven't touched it to this day. I'm glad peer pressure nearly cost me a scholarship. The next semester I made straight A's. I'm still not so proud of getting that speeding ticket at 16, but it's the only one I've had to date. I wish I hadn't taken out student loans to pay for law school, but we worked hard and made difficult decisions to be able to pay it off in 4 years time, and I learned a valuable financial lesson I can pass on to my daughter.

My daughter. Hard to believe that just 2 years ago, I wasn't even pregnant yet. Just the hubs, Blakely pup and me living in our first house in suburban Atlanta. How could I have ever imagined what Evans' laugh would sound like? The way her hair would curl at the ends? The way she loves bananas and animal crackers? Her dimples when she smiles...the best was certainly yet to come.

What a wonderful thought it is to know that there's still more. It is pretty shocking.  Here's to the best of times in the year ahead for all of us.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Master Suite | More Progress

While I was home for Christmas, I had time to work on my mom and dad's new master suite. It's still not a totally finished room, but it's so close! I forgot my good camera, of course. I want my entire house to look like this room one day. Clean, neutral and cozy. 

I had a successful run to HomeGoods for bath linens and accessories. I was able to find towels, towel hooks, throw pillows, blankets and a basket. All the room is lacking now is a rug and a few accessories here and there. 

The mirror really completed the closet built ins. Those middle drawers are strictly for jewelry, y'all. Yes. The dream. Or maybe just mine? 

Short little update, but it's getting there! 

Monday, December 29, 2014


Evans' second Christmas was much more relaxing and calm than her first. Her first Christmas was a very sleepless one as she was only a couple weeks old and not sleeping at all. This year was a whole different scene. We started off the festivities in Savannah with the Isle of Hope tree lighting. It was too cute watching her lead her daddy around to see the lights and listen to the live music and singing. She loves to explore and be on the go. 

Throughout December, Evans made ornaments at her school for our tree. This one of her thumbprint was my favorite. How sweet a memory. I just wish it weren't breakable, hopefully it will last through the years! 

The weather for the tree lighting was gorgeous. Not too chilly to enjoy the outdoors. Neighbors brought all sorts of goodies, and there was even hot chocolate, coffee and PIZZA (Evans' cousins Cooper and Jax were thrilled about that part). 

 In all honesty, after Christmas passes I am ready to take down the decorations and have a nice clean slate for the new year. However, I'll miss all the decor on Bluff Drive. The docks and the houses all lit up in twinkling lights is a sight to see. These porches were made for Christmas garland and bows. 

We headed to SC to visit my parents and in-laws for the week of Christmas. Evans got to spend time with aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Dad's side she hasn't seen since the summer. She made herself right at home. 

This was the scene most of the week. Evans is obsessed with my dad, her Papa. I mean obsessed. She barely let him put her down. Always had to be in Papa's arms. It was too cute, but I am sure Papa is glad to have a little break now, haha.

We went to Christmas service at my in-laws' church and Evans spent the morning in the nursery. She had fun and was worn out by nap time at Gigi and Granddaddy's. For lunch we all had Rush's, man I miss that place and their fabulous food fast. Evans loved it. She's got Carolina blood, alright. Downed an entire junior cheeseburger. 

This picture just cracks me up. It's as if she's posing for a book photo shoot. About The Author. 

Christmas Eve we spent at Gigi and Granddaddy's house. This was Christmas morning. Her bed head is pretty fitting for most Christmas morning pictures  I've seen. She loved the Christmas tree Gigi decorated. I'm just glad she didn't break any of the ornaments she kept pulling off tree limbs. 

On Christmas Day, my parents hosted lunch. How cute are these tree napkin folds? And so simple to do! 

Since Evans is only one, we talked to Santa and decided he didn't have to visit her this year and he'd save the loot for when she is older and could grasp what was going down. She did get several new toys from family, though, and loves them all. I am guessing this is the last year Santa will get away with skipping our house. Wink.

The day after Christmas, Evans came down with one nasty cold that left her with a low grade fever and made her very cranky. I don't know if it is teeth or just a cold, but she was so miserable. She seems to be a little better now though, thank goodness. Hopefully the runny nose goes away soon. The weather in Savannah is sure helping! Yesterday it was 78 degrees and sunny. Today it's a little bit cooler, but still nice at 65. Now that Christmas is over, I'd love to fast forward to spring and summer. Bring on the heat!