Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look-for-Less Lighting

Have y'all been to Lowe's lately? Yea, Lowe's, every town has one right... not really a novelty.  BUT, but.  Lately they have really stepped up their game in the lighting department.  I should know, because I'm constantly drug (yea, drug) to the place with my hubs on his take-over-the-world-like-a-man rampages. Love you, honey. Although I'm not usually a fan of the aisles my husband is into (power tools, big whoop), I make it a must to stop through the blingy stuff.

My most recent trip sort of blew me away. In my experience, Lowe's knows home improvement, sure, but they don't necessarily know style. Until now. Was I in Pottery Barn or Lowe's? Pinching myself on these prices. Are these exact replicas? No, but they are pretty darn close. Oh my gosh. I think in my next life I'd like to come back as a gorgeous chandelier.. or maybe just an owner of one of these beauties. (links under pics)


Pottery Barn Clarissa Chandelier

3 Light Antique Bronze Crystal Chandelier


Pottery Barn Katerina

Westmore Lighting


Pottery Barn Camilla
Westmore Lighting

the Lowe's version is a little bit more, but you get more lights, too

Pottery Barn Exeter 

Allen Roth Pendant
Pottery Barn Classic Pendant

Portfolio Pendant

Pottery Barn Globe String Lights

Allen Roth bulb patio lights

Convinced yet?  This is not to say I am no longer a Pottery Barn Robot, because I definitely am (love you PB, love you boo).  But, sometimes we do need a little lift in the wallet area.  I have yet to find that money tree! Here are some other cuties I saw that are under $200...

Orb anyone? This would look good in my hubs office 

Allen Roth Pendant Light

cool farmhouse style 

Allen Roth Pendant

a modern version of the "boob" light 

Allen Roth chrome flush mount

I have a strong feeling that if my husband actually reads this post, I will no longer be invited on said take-over-the-world-like-a-man trips. (...and again, Pottery Barn, I love you, so much). 


Sweet Caroline said...

LOVE these!! I've always been impressed with the Allen Roth brand.

The Houston House said...

Me too! Cute stuff.

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