Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recent Pottery Barn Purchases

One of my habits (flaws?) is that I have a constant need for change.  The best inexpensive change I've found is to swap out throw pillows, which means I have a whole lot of pillow covers folded in drawers, you know in case my "need" should arise, and it does, often. I'm a pillow hoarder, what can I say? If you are like me and collect pillows, you may find your hubby tossing them to the floor, even when said pillows are obviously strategically placed and karate-chopped to perfection.  


My solution?  A huge basket. At least if the hubs is going to toss around your lovely things, he can have a basket to shoot for right? I'll admit, it only sometimes works out this way.  Nonetheless, I am in love with this find. I wasn't necessarily looking for a storage basket until Pottery Barn put theirs on sale recently, and I happened to have some reward bucks to blow through. I got the large beachcomber basket while it was on sale at my local store. 

Purposefully displayed close to the hubs' recliner, you know, so he gets the drift to throw the pillows in the basket when the mess-up-my-wife's-decorating mood strikes him. (Compromise, am I right?)

Neat and tidy. Happy wife, happy life. Aside from pillows, I think a big basket like this would be handy for all you moms out there looking for a stylish way to hide the kids' toys. 

And while I was at the ol' PB, I scooped up two euros in the jacquard multi pattern, also on sale and I believe from the 2012 fall line. (I wasn't kidding about the hoarder thing...)

Not from Pottery Barn, but I snagged this comfy blanket from a few weeks ago.  It is incredibly soft and looks just like the more expensive versions, but half the price.  Plus it is BIG, which is a must I think for cozy throws. The blue geometric pillow is Schumacher Bleecker in the color way Peacock. Told you from this post I'd find a way to get this color in my house (to be continued...). 

And to round out my PB trip, I got one of their burlap cord covers for our chandelier.  These things are so cool with the button side closure.  They are also LONG, LONG, LONG.  I ended up cutting mine and was able to also cover the chandelier in my kitchen, as well as the dining room chandelier here.

Have you brought home any good bargains lately? 


Kim said...

Ashley ... thanks for stopping by my blog, etc.! and entering my GiveAway for the Scalamandre umbrella!! xo

Kim said...

HA!! I meant to also tell you that I LOVE baskets and "sort of" have my family trained to use them!! xo

The Houston House said...

Hi Kim, thanks for coming over to my blog! I like that you train your family, too. Haha!

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