Friday, October 5, 2012


I LOVE October for lots of reasons (the weather, the leaves, the jeans, the scarves, all things pumpkin), but mainly because one of my favorite (ok maybe my absolute favorite, judge me all you want) holiday is coming up.  HALLOWEEN!  So, to get in the groove for the spooktacular event, I retrieved all my Halloweenish stuff from the attic.  My favorite decoration is a lighted pumpkin my friend Flower gave me last year when Hubs and I first moved in to our new home.  It is funny how many things can change in just a year's time.

Last year.. we had jsut moved in.  My parents old rocking chair was the only chair in the living room at the time.  This is back when the room was still dubbed the "Pinnochio Room", seeing as we hadn't painted the wood or taken down the circa 1981 grasscloth wallpaper.  Pre-Blakely pup, we had a beautiful blue rug in the living room.  It was stain free and pet free at the time, and looked lovely for a while in the living room.

A year later, enter 100 lbs of puppy.  We love her, but she is a puppy, and she doesn't understand what take your shoes off means.  So, we swapped the blue rug for a neutral one, much more pup-friendly.  (and now the beautiful blue rug lives in our master bedroom, win-win!).  

We've also painted the wood a nice creamy white, and all the horrific dust ridden wallpaper is gone.  Hooray! 

Can't wait to see what the next year will hold.  But, as for this year, Halloween is getting in full swing at the Houston House.  If you aren't in the spirit yet, I've got a few suggestions.  

Make something with pumpkin.  I suggest these pumpkin muffins because they are so easy and equally delish!  Might I add, only two ingredients.  Yup.  Plus, your house will smell amazing while they are baking! 

Read Dracula.  Seriously, do it.  It's the scariest page turner (literally, can't put it down) I've ever read, and I've read a lot of scary crap over the years (I'm a murder mystery dork, what can I say).  I had to read it twice it was so darn good.

Then, when you are done reading about the Count, read Carmilla by Le Fanu.  

Buy candy, and eat some (a lot) of it.

Watch Hocus Pocus.  While I LOVE a good 70's or 80's cheap thriller classic, the children's movie Hocus Pocus takes the cake for me this time of year.  It always makes me laugh, and I love the cinematography's bright colors and images.  

So, go start enjoying October! Blakely sure is. 


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