Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finished Drapes

Stitch Witchery- I love you!  And also, I'm mad I've ever bought drapes or pillows in my life.  They are so incredibly easy to make, and you don't even have to know how to sew (believe me, because I can't even mend a  loose button).  Ridiculous!

All you need is fabric of your choice (something heavier duty works best for unlined drapes), Stitch Witchery (found in the notions section of your local fabric/sewing supply store, and get the strong permanent bond kind), a tape measure, iron, and good scissors.  That's it! The best thing about it is (well, the price tag) the instant gratification.  In about 3 hours, these drapes were hanging.  Voila!  So easy.  The method works for making pillows, too.

You can tell I had just finished the project.... check out the ironing board still hanging out on the floor.

My drapes were made to 85.5" long.  I chose Waverly Ticking Stripe in black for hubs' office (I needed 5 yards), and Robert Allen ikat fret (4 yards) for the dining room bands (and a few pillows in my living room).  All in all, fabric and stitch witchery cost me under $100.  That's 2 pillows and four drapes people (oh and 4 reupholstered chairs).  You do the math!!  Definitely a project worth trying.

Up next... curtains for the kitchen........ =)


kate said...

They look fantastic! Great job!!

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