Monday, January 30, 2012

Goodbye Pinnochio!

As you may recall from this post and this post, the wood in our living room (along with the grasscloth) was going, as my niece would say, bye-bye.  The grasscloth has been long gone, the wood has been sanded, and the room sat like that for nearly a month, because, well, I was exhausted! But, last week I was determined to get it started and get it done.  For 4 days I primed and got a few coats of paint on the wood.  This past weekend my parents and Bonnie&Ricky came to visit, and we spent most of Sunday tackling the project.  Boy, did we ever.  It now looks like a completely different room, and is SO CLOSE to being finished.  It is so exciting to see a big scale project come together!! I'm so blessed to have family that is willing to roll up their sleeves and dive in, too.

Some before and after shots of Pinnochio vs. The New Room (ala iPhone, one day I'll have a real camera, one day):

Fam hard at work:
Another black door (I love them):

Updated beadboard switch plates:

I'm loving the progress this room has made.  I couldn't have done it all so fast without all the extra help.  Our company stayed until about 7pm last night helping us with the painting! So glad they did, too! We also changed a few things out in the foyer.  I picked up a really cute rustic mirror from a shop called Gracious Home in Blue Ridge, GA and have been debating where it would live.  It found its place over my great grandmama's table in the foyer.  And so did a new rope & mercury glass lamp from my Aunt Bonnie.

The paint colors we used for the room were Benjamin Moore Windswept (woodwork), Benjamin Moore Coastal Path (walls), and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (black door).  I have a few touch ups left to do, and some trim around the doors to finish up, but I cannot wait to put this room back together and see all the furniture against the newly found brightness.  So long Pinnochio, this room is just about complete!  Jiminy Crickets!  


Sweet Caroline said...

It looks AWESOME Ashley!!

Melissa said...

Such a big change! I know how much work that must have been, but totally worth it! Great job!

Ashley said...

thanks y'all!

Sara said...


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