Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bring Home Ballard

Everyone knows my obsession over all things Pottery Barn, but I should probably mention a thing or two about Ballard Designs.  Overall, their style is a little too traditional-European (think horses and topiary) for me, but they do have some great pieces I think.  I've noticed over the past few seasons that they have added more and more contemporary/modern elements to their collection, like suzani type stuff and abstract paintings.  All of those I really love.  I'm lucky enough to be near an outlet as well, so I randomly stop in and see what deals they have going on.

Ballard has a line called "Bring Home Ballard".  They'll add different pieces to it from their regular inventory.  Once an item is added, get ready to freak out.  That means the price has been slashed (usually 40% or more), and you literally can bring home some Ballard, hence the name of the line (because it is actually affordable!).

I've been in love with the Ballard Garden District Mirrors since before we bought our first home.  In my opinion, they are stunning.  I've seen several DIY projects on blogs, etc, but I really don't think you can compete with the real thing this time.  Imagine my surprise when yesterday the Ballard magazine informed me that these beauties were being added to the budget friendly line mentioned above.....

SHOCKED! SURPRISED! ECSTATIC! Not really sure how to describe it, other than...

SOLD! (sorry Hubs... early bday gift to myself I suppose.)  These beautiful things are on their way to me, and I plan to love them very much.


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