Tuesday, January 9, 2018

December Catchup

Shoo, how is it January ALREADY!!!!???!! I'm still writing 2017. I usually get the correct year straightened out about mid April.  :)

Evans turned 4! We had a small family party at the house Sunday, December 10th.  She begged for a troll cake (last minute of course).  Publix to the rescue! Their cakes are the tastiest in my opinion. Evans picked out the flavor- chocolate vanilla swirls, chocolate pudding cream with buttercream icing. HA. It was a sugar overload, but delicious nonetheless. She was surrounded by cousins and loved ones and had a great day!

She also had her Christmas performance at preschool! She sang her heart out and did all the dance movements. I was proud of that girl! Her school puts it on DVD for the parents, so we'll treasure that forever. Papa, D ma, Gigi, Aunt Ann and mama and daddy came to see her. She was a star :)

Christmas this year was amazing! For the first time in as long as I can remember I was TRULY HOME for Christmas!!! Hubs had a ton of traveling leading up to Christmas weekend, so we decided we were just going to stay put and RELAX. And that's what we did! It was amazing. Christmas in my hometown, in my HOME. No longer a guest or a traveler. If you've ever moved away and come back to your childhood town, it's an incredible feeling. There's no place like home!

Santa brought the girls a princess tent and new anywhere chairs and a couple of new books. Dma and Papa spoiled them with cute princess blankets and clothes. They also got some dress-up princess gowns. Aunt Ann gave her a red princess gown that she has basically all but slept in for 3 weeks.

The big gift this year (and the gift for years to come because we broke now, haha) was the BOAT! We bit the bullet after years of window shopping and about 6 months of serious shopping. We decided on a Coach Tritoon since it's family friendly and had the bells and whistles Hubs wanted. We took the girls down to see it on Christmas day. It was WAY too cold to go out of course, but they were super excited. Evans keeps talking about how she's "going to eat peanut butter sandwiches in the middle of the water and go swimming". This kid :) Come on spring!!!

Mark's family came over the day after Christmas and his grandmother Thelma stayed the night with us. "my Thelma Evans" as Evans calls her.  Thelma is E's namesake, so naturally Evans refers to her as a twin.  We convinced Boofie and Thelma to ride in the golf cart. They are spunky grandmas :)

Unfortunately, the season was met with some sadness as well as one of my uncles is not doing so well. But we know that God's love never fails!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is your year, go get it.


Anonymous said...

Really nice update. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the nativity Christmas dress? I think I remember seeing Evans wearing it and meant to ask about it then. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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