Friday, December 15, 2017

Project Updates

A few updates on some projects I have going. 

Wednesday, I ran by this client's house to check on a rug that was delivered. It's perfect! I was hoping the colors would bring everything in ( alllll the neutrals here) and it did just that!

I also moved around some of her furniture and showed her a quick layout (ala paper towels, keeping it real here) to show her where two slipper chairs and a round table would go. 

Between the oversized chair and couch will be a 30" round table and a large table lamp. 

She's ordered this table (unfinished, we'll probably stain it class gray or weathered oak). I spotted some lamps similar to this at TJ MAxx as well. 

On Monday her breakfast chandelier will be installed! Woohoo! 

On Wednesday I also had an install at another client's house to get her ready for a Christmas party Thursday night. She said it was a big hit, hooray. Her curtains were hung in the breakfast room and in the sunroom. I got her some small nesting tables to live between the swivel chairs.
Still waiting on her ottomans to arrive. 
Getting there!


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