Wednesday, September 13, 2017

School Starts and Irma

My kids started school! Hooray! Evans has now officially been through 3 different schools this year. We had a falling out over an unfortunate incident that occurred at her "baby" school, so I quickly scooped her out of there and sent her to St. James. St. James was TERRIFIC. We loved it and hated to leave (we especially hated to leave her best buddy Emma! two peas in a pod). We moved to SC back in July (before the house was even ready/closed on). It was a long summer of me and the girls, BUT we made it through. Woo wee. Staying home is hard. I never really realized all that goes into it. Yowza.

School finally began on September 5th! So far so good! The girls seem to really enjoy it, and the teachers have been great.

Hurricane Irma gave us a little show, but nothing bad here in Chapin. I am counting my blessings after fretting through Matthew last year in Savannah. Several of my friends in Savannah got flooding :( My aunt and uncle in Tampa returned home to POWER and NO DAMAGE. A miracle! Praying for everyone that was in the storm's path. Hopefully everyone will find some way to help out or donate money and supplies towards the clean up and aftermath. We had my grandparents and Aunt Judy in town from Savannah. As it turned out, they probably didn't have to leave (again, thankfully!) since the storm turned west. Now we are all praying GO AWAY JOSE. We also got a quick visit from cousins passing through to the mountain house in NC. Evans loves playing with all of her cousins!

I'm continuing to unpack boxes and try to get in the swing over here. Extremely grateful for a dry home and a roof over my head. Funny how you realize things are just that... things.


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