Friday, September 15, 2017

New House: This and That

The house is coming together~~~ sigh of relief. If I never see a moving box again, I'll be okay with that. Unless of course it's a move to the water.. then we can talk. HA! As my husband rolls his eyes.....

Found a cute kitchen mat from HomeGoods! For the record, HomeGoods Columbia is not as good as Savannah's, and definitely not as good as Atlanta's (duh). Sigh.

But, I do love this mat... and my messy untidy kitchen. Real life!

The dining room is quickly becoming my FAVORITE. I spent twenty minutes (if I'm being honest, it was like 45...) yesterday trying to find the 4th mirror. Guess what, I never owned 4, I only ever had 3! Ha. One of those DUH moments. Good thing Ballard still carries this mirror 5-6 years later!! I've got to paint the chairs again. They were off white and that worked in the last two houses since the trim was creamy white in both. Here, everything is SW Extra white. It's ok to layer creams and whites in a room, but it's not the look I want for this dining room. If I can ever find the time... or the Annie Sloan box from our move......

We still need a whole lot of furniture! We aren't sure if we want to do bookcases/media where the couch is. Going to live with it a while and see how we use the space. TBD.

My dad is going to build us a breakfast table! And then hopefully we can finally hang that light that was delivered a month ago... :)

I still love these chairs from PB. Two in our living room, please! 

This is the table I saved for my dad to build. 

And then some Gabby furniture I am obsessed with right now.

And some pillows on Etsy that want to come home with me. 



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