Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New House: New Appliances!

Well, the floors are STILL not ready. Arg. Flooring guy says it will be this weekend (hopefully). They did get the stairs ready for stain, and put down the first coat yesterday. Which means we have to stay off of them all week.

Hardwoods are finished in the master bedroom, kitchen, powder room, almost done in the dining room. He is laying the living room, foyer, and front closet now! Woo! I can see the finish line..... And the tile backsplash in the kitchen was finished. Yay!

We ordered appliances for the house over 4th of July weekend when the sales were really good. We've been putting off and putting off delivery because of the floors, but they were finally delivered yesterday! Amazing what just updated appliances can do for a room.

I ordered some lighting for the house as well.

Chandelier for dining room

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen breakfast area

Hopefully we can move in soon!


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