Monday, June 20, 2016

New Railings

Over the weekend, I got to work on the new front stoop railings. My dad helped me throw a coat of primer on them, and then I filled holes, sanded, and painted. I'm in love! What a difference. 

I painted the railings the same as the house, which is Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW7008). The hand rails are the same as our shutters, Behr Elephant Skin (PPU18-16). I figured the hand rails would get dingy from people touching them, etc. and I like the contrast of the two colors. 

This is after just one coat of paint, so I've still got some painting ahead of me. That is a constant theme around here... 

The mailbox got a facelift, too. I painted the post and we got a new white box. I need EASY landscaping ideas... as in something I cannot kill and grows easily. I'm not a plant-new-flower-beds every year kind of girl. At all. 

And a before and after. Can't believe we bought the house almost a year ago. We've been working hard ever since. I think Hubs is ready for the projects to quit :) I have to admit, I'll probably be sad when the work is done. I always love a good fixer upper project. I have major issues. 

Thank you to my Hubs and my Daddy for building these new railings. I love them so much!


designchic said...

Charm personified in this entire house. I can't believe the difference with the new railing!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

@designchic Thank you!

Linda said...

Beautiful After! Loving the door color that makes your home look fabulous!

Mattie said...

What a beautiful home and a great project. The before and after pictures tell a wonderful story of a house well loved. The new rails and paint bring perfection to the entry of your home and are welcoming and inviting for guests. You all have done a wonderful job and should be very proud of your Houston home.

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