Friday, June 24, 2016


It's the weekend! And my hubby is back from being gone all week long. Yes, girls by myself. All. Week. Long. I do realize lots of mamas and daddies do it solo but doggone that is not easy! Between doctors appointments, VBS, work and regular mommy stuff- I am REALLY glad to have Daddy home. 

I was in get it done mode this week. Finished up a couple projects for clients. Started a commissioned painting. And got around to our kitchen- which has been half painted 3 different colors for almost a year now! HA. Yes, I'm serious. 

My parents are coming in town this weekend! Woo. We are planning a low key pool day tomorrow (well, as low key as it can be with my 2.5 year old wild child). Hubs is planning to FINALLY finish the fence painting out front. WOO. We will no longer be that house with the half-painted fence.  ;)

I found an Etsy shop that does custom door mats, and so I had this one made. Hello, Darlin'! 

Once the fence is done, we will do a little landscaping and thats it. The house has changed a lot in just 11 months!

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead!


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