Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Curb Appeal Updates

Hubby got around to painting the fence (although he still has some left to paint, but no time to do it really!). He has done such a great job so far, we both can't wait for it to be finished. With two kids under 3 and several other house projects and full time jobs to worry about, spare time is few and far between. Hopefully in the next couple weekends he can knock it out. 

Speaking of other projects going on, this old 50's railing is a thing of the past. I had several things on the front yard to do (fence- check, new lights- check, paint/shutters/new door- check) and the old railings definitely needed a face lift. Or in this case, a good riddance. 

The old railings kept the house from looking full on coastal cottage and kept reminding me that this house is a 50's ranch. I convinced Hubs and my dad to build new ones. Lots of post hole digging, concrete drilling, and (4) 6x6" columns later, they finally were talking to me again... :) 

They kept asking me if I was sure about the 6x6" size. I didn't want a dinky front entrance. If you are gonna do it, do it right. 

I also talked them into hanging a flag, finally. Flags just finish off houses, right?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new railings!! They did such a good job. Cannot wait for the wood to cure and dry out completely to paint them! Beforehand, Hubs was all "we do NOT need a new railing". Now he's like "I told you this would look good"...... Men. 

I opted for the same post caps as we used on the picket fence, only bigger in size. These fit 6x6" columns. Our picket fence has 4x4". 

The planters my father-in-law put together for me are still alive. I have managed to keep them healthy for a few weeks now. It's a miracle! 

Once the dust settles and all these projects are finished, I'd like to do a little bit of landscaping in front of the picket fence. TBD....

We've had several neighbors stop and ask us what our house colors are, who is doing the design work, etc. (by several I mean like 3-4 cars/bikes/walkers a week, it's crazy). So, Hubs said "get a sign out!".  I haven't put it out yet (you have to have a permit in Chatham County) but I'm excited the sign came in nonetheless! 

I ordered a little garden bench and outdoor address pillow for the front yard too. Can't wait for that to be delivered. I need a place to crash after running around the yard with Evans. 

A few more things to tackle in the front yard, and then she's done! 


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