Friday, May 27, 2016

13 Weeks

MC is thirteen weeks old tomorrow! Getting so big! I was looking back at some old pictures of Evans as a baby, and MC is already wearing some of the things Evans wore around 6 months. HA!

Mae Caroline 3 months 

Evans around 6 months

Definitely my chunky baby. 

This week I started giving her bottles more. I have a lot of trips coming up and I hate being stressed out about milk supply and will there be enough, etc. 

I'm still nursing when I can, but I'm pumping and giving formula here and there as well. No big deal. She is taking to the formula just fine :) Actually, she's draining 5-6 ounces a feed. Evans was my snacker- 3-4 ounces until she was probably 6 months old. I think the most Evans ever wanted was around 5 ounces. Crazy MC has already hit that appetite.... 

Sleep is going well still! She has been consistently sleeping through the night all week long. Hooray! I'm hoping the 3-5am wake up is over. She seems to be happy when she wakes up, but definitely ready to eat. She's started rolling to her side here and there so it's time to ditch the swaddle. Today is the first nap I've tried without it, and she surprisingly went right to sleep. We'll see how long she actually sleeps for- if it's a real nap or a short nap (a SNAP as we call them).  Still nervous to go unswaddled at night....  but I don't want her rolling over either.. yikes.

The weather has been beautiful lately after the monsoon we had last week... so yesterday we strolled to pick up Evans from school. I can't wait to use the double stroller we have. I don't think MC can ride in it until she's sitting up well. Although, I've read online people use it at 3 months but I'm not sure how? Any ideas? It's the baby trend expedition double stroller. 

We stopped at the marina for drinks and snacks. Gotta love summertime! I love that we can walk to Booter's school, to the marina, see the river, see the boats, and come on home. It's a wonderful thing! 

Happy 13 weeks big girl! 


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