Monday, May 23, 2016

12 Weeks

12 (and 3 days) weeks old!

The most hilarious baby selfie ever. 

Lots of smiles and coos this week! Mae Caroline - made of sunshine. 

Still loves her nightly bath. She is probably getting too big for the sink these days. Time for the big girl tub. 

Being entertained by Evans. 

She is getting so long! Wearing 9 month footed jammies now. 

MC continues to tolerate big sister.... :)

And she loves to be outside! 

D-ma was here this weekend keeping the girls while I enjoyed a girls' weekend for my cousin Ali's Bachelorette on Tybee Island. My mom said they were really good and MC took a bottle no problem. Hooray! 

Her schedule has not changed. She continues to be a great napper and sleeper. At night she will usually go from 6pm-7am, occasionally waking around 5am for a quick feed and then back to bed. I'll take it, especially considering Big Sister has been waking up recently... arg. 

She's got a few nicknames. Evans had and continues to have many. We call her "Scoot" and "MC" a good bit. Occasionally Mae-C. Evans calls her "Mae Calorine" or "Miss Calorine". 

Happy 12 weeks, Mae Caroline! We love you.


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