Friday, April 15, 2016

Seven Weeks!

I can't believe MC is almost TWO months old. Geez, how did it go so quickly? Evans was a newborn FOREVER. HA!

She's eating about every 2.5-3 hours during the day, and is still overall a great sleeper. 

Tummy-time - peekaboo!

This week has met a few hiccups here and there in the sleep department. She's been a little more difficult to get down to bed at night. As of last week, I could just feed her, swaddle, and lay her down in the crib. The last few nights, she's been needing a bit of rocking, bouncing, etc. to go to bed. Last night was her "worst" night yet, as she didn't finally go to bed until 10:30. I say "worst" because 10:30pm is really not bad for a newborn, she just had us spoiled previously. I will admit, however, that she did sleep this morning until 7:30! So, I'll take it. Hopefully I can get her on a consistent bedtime schedule in the next few weeks before I return to work. For one thing, her room is bright and passing cars shine right through her window- so blackout liner has been ordered for her drapes!

Also, our new monitor is AMAZING! I'd recommend it to all moms! My mom bought it for us. It's a double camera so I can keep on an eye on both girls. It will rotate between rooms, or you can set it on picture-in-picture function to view both rooms at once. It also allows you to pan and zoom the entire room all from the monitor! This is especially useful for my toddler who was recently getting out of her bed in the middle of the night (thank goodness that has stopped for now!). The monitor is Motorola Watch Them Dream MBP36S. The only thing I don't like about this monitor is that it has a loud annoying beep when the battery is low and needs charging. I'm not sure if there's a way to turn that off (well, besides keeping the battery charged- which it actually lasts a long time).

As for growing- MC is now wearing mostly 3-6 months because she is long. I need to make some time this weekend to organize her clothes. Can't believe she's already out of the newborn stuff :( She's wearing size 1 diapers now. Not sure what she weighs now, we don't go back to the doctor until the end of April for her 2 month check up.

My girls

Big Sister is obsessed with "baby sista". She has recently wanted to "hold" baby and likes to tell me "baby is so silly!"

Each morning this week they've both wound up in my bed for snuggles. 

7 weeks with a sweetie! You are growing, growing. 


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