Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Three Weeks

We had several firsts with Mae Caroline last week! She had her first trip to the Isle of Hope playground and Sandfly BBQ... although she pretty much slept the entire time while Big Sis was a maniac :)

First trip to the grocery store... my first two cart experience. 

First trip to Tybee... and you guessed it, she slept the whole time. Evans loved it though!

First trip to JalapeƱos... she slept blissfully in her car seat while Big Sis chowed down. 

Big smiles!

And first trip to Columbia! It took us about 3.5 hours between all the stops along the way. Food, feeding both girls, letting Evans stretch her legs... etc. But the girls were really good on the trip!

Of course Evans chatted the ENTIRE ride to and from, and only dozed off for the last 20 minute leg. 

We traveled to SC because Mark's granddaddy passed away. I regret that he did not get to meet Mae Caroline, but I know he is watching over us all now. Here is Buddy with Evans on her first Easter back in 2014. So sweet. I was glad both girls got to see family during such a hard time. Kids seem to breathe life into every situation, and I'm thankful they were able to put smiles on faces. 

We also got to see Aunt Lauren who was visiting home from Italy! Evans took right to "her Laaaw-ren". She's still talking about Aunt Laaaw-ren and wants to "go see her now pease". Lauren didn't get to see Evans as a newborn baby since they have been stationed in Naples, but she got to see Mae Caroline at three weeks old. Who doesn't love a good baby snuggle?

Evans continues to be obsessed with her sister. It's cute but also slightly frightening at times. You really have to watch her to make sure Mae Caroline doesn't lose an eye or something.

Mae Caroline continues to be a great sleeper. I'm scared that might change but hope not! 

Typical schedule at 3 weeks hasn't changed too much. 

7:30 eats
Naps about 1-1.5 hours
9:00 or so eats
Naps again about 1.5 hours
12:00 or so eats
awake for a while, naps here and there
3:00 eats
naps again
between 5:30 and 6:00 eats
starts to get fussy, wants to be rocked/walked/bounced/paci 
8:00 start getting bath and pjs together
8:30 bath time
9:00 or 9:30 eats again
swaddle, white noise, bedtime
She's typically asleep by 10:00

sleeps most nights until 4:30 ish! 

Then it repeats all over the next day....

Right now I usually try to let her nap in her crib swaddled and that's going really well. She still sleeps in our bedroom in her rock-n-play, but I'm planning to try out the crib at night soon. I think she'll do just fine with it honestly, it's more about my middle of the night feeding convenience at this point!

On feeding, nursing is SO MUCH EASIER the second time around. I struggled those first few months with Evans, but somehow made it to 6 months exclusively breastfeeding. Any moms who struggled with their first I say give it a shot with your second. You may just be surprised! I was. I think the second time around you can just relax, knowing that if you have to give formula it's really NOT the end of the world. They'll be just fine. 

Since MC's a good napper, I have time to play with Evans one on one. She's still loving her big girl bike!

This kid will sleep just about anywhere... and that's a good thing since we have a very active toddler. 

I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks, and she'll be one month this weekend! Wow.

I'm loving this little family of mine. These two little girls have softened up Daddy big time. :) Hubby returns to traveling this week for work. He's had a month or so at home with us but now has to hit the pavement again. My mom thankfully is coming to stay with me for 3 weeks! So excited! She'll be here almost until I return back to work. Hopefully at that time Mae Caroline will be sleeping through the night (am I getting greedy??) in her own room. We will see! 

I am thankful for the sweet newborn she is thus far. Thank the Lord for a good baby. 


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