Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter & One Month Old!

We had a fun and busy Easter week/weekend! To start all the fun, Evans's school had their Easter bonnet parade and party on Thursday. As Mother of the Year, I of course completely forgot about it until the day before. So, I ran to the dollar store and bought whatever I could find to make E a bonnet for the parade. This is what we came up with.. eggs and flowers hot glued to a paper plate. It actually turned out cute and E liked it, so I call that a win. 

Here she is wearing it. I thought for sure she'd take it off. I guess seeing all the other kids with hats made her want to participate.

After the parade they had an egg hunt at school. Evans found the golden egg! It was stuffed with a toy duck and filled with candy. 

A sweet moment between Evans and her friend Ellie. They were sharing eggs and baskets and helping each other during the hunt. 

Hugs :)

E's class

Action shot...

Class party! I was surprised after all the junk food she ate all day that she came home and also ate a big dinner. Some days Evans is a bottomless pit!

On Good Friday, Evans was out of school so we loaded the girls up and met my cousin Brooke and her boys at the mall to see the Easter Bunny. (Or one of his "helpers" as my little cousin Cooper pointed out).

Evans is ALL about pushing her stroller these days and not riding in it. So here she is pushing cousin Harrison around in her Minnie Mouse stroller. Hilarious. 

Lunch with our crew. 

And the bunny. Is it just me or is the Easter Bunny truly horrifying? I've never been a big fan. Evans clearly wasn't either. She was saying "I don't want this, want to get up now". Ha. Cooper was the only one brave enough to sit on the bunny's lap.

Evans was much more interested in the big fountains at the mall. 

When we got back home, she was exhausted. 

On Saturday, my little Mae Caroline turned 4 weeks old! One month! How can it be?! Love these sweet sisters.

Evans loves, loves, loves MC. I'm SO glad the transition has been smooth so far. MC is still a good napper, so Evans and I get plenty of one on one play time. 

One of her favorite things to do is color. She's very into straight lines and circles right now...And tracing your hand. 

Sunday morning, we found that the Easter Bunny had left his loot! The girls got matching swimsuits, which is a tradition around here. I always got a new swimsuit or outfit from the bunny growing up, and I've carried on this tradition with my own kiddos. Mae Caroline also got a sleep sack and an activity mat. Evans got new markers, a coloring book with stickers, and some play food for her kitchen.

I think the Watts genes must be pretty thick....

My little Rocky, scratching her face with the world's smallest fingernails. 

For Easter lunch, my Aunt Paula always hosts and has a big egg hunt for all the kids. This year the weather was gross, so the egg hunt was indoors. The kids still had a blast though and it was fun getting all the cousins together. Easter is like a mini Thanksgiving for us, with lots of food and lots of family.

These 4 wore themselves out! Cooper, Watts, Evans and Jackson. Oh, the trouble they'll get into together...

My little family :) Easter 2016

Little sweetheart at one month old! She's such a good baby, I'm still in shock. 

She loves her new activity mat! She likes to kick and look around. She's starting to become more alert and observant and sometimes will give us a coo. So sweet. She still has a fussy period at night from about 6:30-8:00. The bath always calms her right down, then straight after the bath it's time to eat and get to bed. 

Her schedule is still pretty much the same as last week. She continues to sleep from 9PM to around 4-5AM. Last night she had a little cat nap around 7:30-8:15 which kind of threw her off, but I fed her at 8:30, rocked her, and she was finally ready to go back to sleep around 10:00. She slept until 5AM this morning, and went right back to sleep after she ate. Amazing. 

She's looking more like big sister everyday. Mae Caroline on the left at 4 weeks and Evans on the right around 6 weeks old.

Some of the newborn clothes are too short on MC now. Mostly wearing either 0-3 or 3 months. However, this 3 month outfit was a little snug on her growing belly! I'm not sure what she weighs, but she seems to be getting bigger each day. 

Happy one month, Mae Caroline! You are a blessing. 


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