Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Five Weeks

Five weeks as of last Saturday! I'm trying my best to do weekly updates to have a baby book like the one I did for Evans. I don't want Mae Caroline thinking she got snubbed just because she's the baby! :) 

Nothing much new to report over the past week. She continues to put on the weight and sleep well. Here she is lunching with me and D-ma at Chicken Salad Chick. Sleeping, of course.

She's so snuggly! But actually WILL sleep when you aren't holding her. It's a miracle. 

Although, we do prefer holding her often :)

She has longer periods of alertness during the day. Thankfully she still sleeps really well at night! 

During her "fussy" hour (really, it's about an hour all day from 7-8pm) she likes to be rocked on your knees, bounced, or walked around. Her schedule is about the same as last week. I'm moving her bedtime up about 15-20 minutes to prevent her from being overly tired. That's about the only changes around here! 

Big Sister Evans cooking MC "some snack". Crazy girl. 


And smiles

Evans loves her and always wants to get right in her face for sugar. 

MC's first bottle! She took it like a pro. 

And this is NOT E's first cracker. She eats those like a pro, too. 

Daddy on the phone with great grandparents, telling Chester and Thelma all about sweet little scooter.

And a beautiful stroll through Isle of Hope. 

It was a great week for you, Mae Caroline! Although, now I've got a terrible head cold. Dang pollen! Can't wait for summer time fun with both of my girls. Sans allergies. 


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