Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Weekend

I got a few last minute things done at the model home for work. I feel like I've got most of my work duties sorted out now, so I'm ready for this baby to go ahead and arrive. I still have a few purchase returns to make, but nothing is really hanging over my head so to speak. 

I also enjoyed a few early morning coffee sessions in my new favorite room in the house, our front living room/office. I'm working on organizing the office side of this room. Maybe we'll have it together before the baby comes, but I doubt it. TBD. 

Saturday morning we made pancakes and Evans helped. She is really into "cooking" now and is actually pretty handy. We let her pour measurements into a bowl and do the mixing. She always feels like a big girl when she gets to be involved. The pancakes turned out delicious! 

We then ran lots of errands (aka trying to keep a toddler entertained and busy when it's freezing outside). We decided to walk around Oglethorpe for a while. Evans loves the water fountain and the mall choo-choo train. All that walking, and I'm still pregnant. 39 weeks and 2 days....

Her fake smile when she says "cheeeeeeeese" cracks me up. 

This is what Evans does now before naps and bath time- she hides. And usually she will stay as quiet as a mouse thinking we can't find her. But her giggles eventually give it away. As does her shadow and her feet poking out beneath the curtains. 

Sunday was freezing cold here. Luckily this week it's warming up a great deal and is meant to be in the 60's and 70's. Yesterday, however, high of 45. Yuck!!

We decided to go out to breakfast for Valentine's Day. We went to one of our favorite spots- Omelette House. Evans joined the Clean Plate Club once again (so did Mom and Dad). 

Hubs surprised me with flowers and my favorite Young Living essential oils (lavender, tea tree, thieves, peppermint, and stress relief). A great push present and Valentine's gift. I wasn't really expecting anything for Valentine's Day since we typically don't do much. It was a good surprise. 

Although it was too cold for me, Evans didn't mind the weather. She got bundled up and enjoyed playing outside with Daddy for a long time. They played soccer, t-ball and blew bubbles. I watched from my heating pad indoors :)

Since the weather was so cold, and we all started getting cabin fever, we headed to another mall Sunday afternoon. Savannah Mall this time so Evans could see all the animals and fish at Bass Pro. She's obsessed. 

I think she could have watched those fish for hours if we let her. Yes, I let my child crawl all over the floor in public. Don't sue me. 

Sunday night I made Evans some of her favorites for dinner. The way to her heart is definitely food. She loves mashed potatoes, green beans, and turkey. The only thing that would have made her night better is my Aunt Paula's meatloaf. 

After Evans went to bed, Hubs made some delicious ribeyes on the grill and we parked it in front of the TV for The Walking Dead. I was hoping between the zombies and the "last supper" it'd be enough to bring Mae Caroline on out to greet us. But nope, still pregnant! My babies enjoy cooking a little while longer. Clearly. I'm still predicting a March baby. Hubs thinks tomorrow is the day. 

Nonetheless, another weekend has come and gone. Hope everyone's Monday has zero headaches. 


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