Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Master Bedroom Finished (For Now)

In my nesting frenzy these last couple weeks of pregnancy, we got our master bedroom pretty much done. Knowing myself, change may occur over time (ha) but for now it's come a long way from where we had it upon move-in. The paint color and ceiling fan have both been changed to name few things. 

  The last time I posted on this room, I still had the nightstands and dresser area to finish up. Done and done! 

I'm still on the fence about whether I need a lumbar pillow across the front of these 24"x24" patterned pillows, and whether I need something over the headboard. My gut right now says no and I like how clean and simple it is. Sometimes less is more, but we'll see. 

We are loving the sconces beside the bed. In a small bedroom like this one, these has saved so much space for us both visually and physically. 

All the fabrics came together. I didn't get a chance to use the diamond embroidered linen and now it's on backorder, but maybe one day. 

I finished the nightstands in Annie Sloan paris gray and french linen (my go to chalk paint colors). Our azaleas are in bloom already and it's not even March 1! Crazy. 

I also finished this little dresser vignette. The window is from The Citadel where Hubs graduated. It was previously in the guest room/nursery. The painting is by my aunt and depicts our wedding day at The Lace House. 

Still rocking my old Craigslist redo dresser. It's still one of my favorite furniture pieces I own! And one of the cheapest! 

And so with some paint, a couple new pillows, and some space saving furniture, this room is basically complete! 


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