Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Master Bedroom Paint & Other Plans

Over the weekend, Hubs got to painting the bedroom (that is before he caught our daughter's cold, boo). I was debating last week over keeping the darker blue or changing it up. 

Well, in true Ashley fashion, change it up was the route we went. I'm glad we did. The blue was pretty but it didn't feel like us, felt too much like previous owners. Not a bad thing, but sometimes you just want something new.

The color I picked is Behr Dolphin Fin. Can I just say, new favorite gray. No blue, no purple, not too brown, not too white, perfect. You've got to try it out if you're searching for a truly neutral no fail gray! Coincidentally it's also the color we are using in our kitchen... that's for a later post. 

Behr Dolphin Fin

The other side of the room is sort of our blank slate. We need to hang the headboard and get some new side tables that fit this bedroom better. We went from a good sized master in Atlanta to this cozy box, haha. Which means we had to rethink a lot of our furniture, but the king bed had to STAY and so did the linen nailhead headboard I made. 

My plan is for smaller bedside tables that are round. Nothing wider than 18" and needs to be 29" high. When you use a small bedside table, it's usually a good idea to rethink the lamp situation. By mounting sconces on either side of our headboard, it will free up much needed space on the end tables without sacrificing lighting. I'd also like to use much of the same stuff we have since it's all pretty new, and well, we do have a baby on the way we need to save for! 

So, here's the overall plan for the room. 

I found both the sconces and the bedside tables on Overstock. It's always a good day when you find a steal. The only other thing I need to do is make a large lumbar out of the linen embroidered diamond fabric. Still debating pulling in a few other fabrics.... To be continued! 


Lori @ Everyday Loveliness said...

I love the plans for the bedroom. Can you tell me where you purchased your frames? I've been looking for some like that and have some that are similar from PB. Thank you!

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