Friday, February 5, 2016

Finished Guest Room & Nursery

With about 2.5 weeks to go before my due date, I finally got around to finishing and organizing the guest room/ nursery! It's mostly a guest room as we likely won't have Mae Caroline sleep in here until she's 3 months old or so (or whenever I feel like going through crib training again, ha!). And then it seems like she'll be right back out of here and sharing a room with her big sis. The plan is to have twin beds in Evans' room, so hopefully by the time MC is around 18 months or so she'll be ready to make the switch to a big girl bed like E did. We'll see.... For now, though, this room is done! 

For the record, Hubs HATES the hats, the birds, the coral... I think he likes the paint color and the white bedding? HA. He has another thing coming about to live with THREE girls, doesn't he?? Poor thing. He's entitled to an opinion (so long as it's the right one). HA HA. 

I like that the room is still functional as a guest room without being too baby-baby. Really, once MC is out of her crib, we'll just need to move the crib to storage and maybe just fill that corner with a reading chair. I never really get to do bright colors so this was a fun way to get creative. Mostly I'm drawn to neutrals and textures (and so are my clients) but we DO live in Savannah now on Isle of Hope. How could I resist something a little more whimsical and less predictable? Like my boss says, we could do the blue-gray-seagrass scheme in our sleep... and sometimes we do. HA. 

Hopefully Mae Caroline likes it and hopefully guests will, too. One more thing off the mommy-do-list! 


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