Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Master Bedroom Plans

Well, this week has started with a bang. Evans has a cold and so do I (cannot shake this mess). She didn't nap yesterday, so last night needless to say she was a hot mess. In complete meltdown mode hysteria. Parents know what I'm talking about. She couldn't be consoled or reasoned, so straight to bed at 6:00 she went, and she was OUT. Oh my. 

I had planned on going to bed early since the last couple of nights I had maybe 5 hours of sleep. I was exhausted (and am today, but hey that's a mom for you! HA). I went to our room to get ready for bed, and heard Niagara Falls coming from our shower. What. The. Of course, Hubs was still en route on his way back from the national championship in AZ, and it was just me. I couldn't get the water to turn off to save my life! So I decided the only thing I could do was turn the main supply off to the entire house. Ugh. So there I was, 10 pm, freezing cold weather, pregnant as crap, hands and knees in the mud with my wrench reaching into the supply line. I'm terrified of snakes and spiders so I'm glad I just survived the whole ordeal. First world problems, I know. The plumber is fixing the mess today. We hope. 

Then of course I had an emotional hormone filled break down (yay pregnancy!). Which kicked up the master bedroom plans in high gear. For the past several months I've been staring at paint swatches on the wall and a completely unfinished chaotic bedroom. I need a place of relaxation, not this. So, the bedroom got bumped to my top priority. Mama wants her sanctuary stat. 

Initially, I thought about painting the bedroom lighter, but the blue-navy is growing on me. Plus, that's less work for Hubs, and I don't see him getting the time to paint this room before baby comes in February. What do you think? Keep the blue or go with Behr Dolphin Fin?

Dolphin Fin:

Mercer Blue:

It flows well with our existing bathroom tile and furniture. 

So, next up was to decide what fabrics to bring in to tie it all together. This is what we are already working with- white bedding, striped bedskirt, and a gray and blue rug from PB. 

I pulled these fabrics in for a bit more softening and interest in the room. 

I think the embroidered linen will look great as drapes with our existing roman shades that are in silk taupe. 

The ikat spa pattern I think I'll do as large toss pillows on the bed. There's not too much to do in here really, I just needed to get together a plan.

The plan:

(4) 96" embroidered linen curtains 
(2) 22x22 or 24x24 ikat pillows 
touch up paint (Mercer Blue) or repaint Behr Dolphin Fin? 
hang upholstered headboard
find round night stands that fit (this is a tiny bedroom!)
find (2) wall sconces and install

We'll see how much I can get done before baby is sharing this room with us! TBD...


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