Monday, January 11, 2016

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks! and very large.

Stripes working hard. I'm going to love trying to lose all this weight! Cue sarcasm. 

Size of baby? according to the world wide web... she's the  size of a honeydew,  around 5.5 pounds.

How I'm changing? Not much change from last week, just getting bigger and more tired each day. Very uncomfortable. The belly is hard as a rock with feet and arms everywhere. Oh my.

Nesting? Not in the same way I did with Evans. I have been trying to stock up on diapers when they go on sale. Still haven't found our bouncy seat or rock-n-play or bassinet or any of that stuff you use for babies. Got lost in the move from Atlanta somewhere along the way. Arg.

Bags packed? Nope.

Best moment of the week? Not totally baby related, but our picket fence passed inspection. Not that I was worried, but still that's one last thing. We've been able to close the gates and let Evans ride her bike up and down the driveway and run in the yard like the maniac that she is without fearing quite so much. I know the girls will one day have fun playing together!

Another high this week- the maid is at our house today. Best. Money. Spent. Even if it's every last dime I make, HA. I'm too big and too winded to do it myself right now. 

Birthday guesses? I still think she'll be a week late and be a March baby. Hubs thinks she'll come on Leap Day... Either way we both think she'll be late! TBD.


Sweet Caroline said...

Not much longer!!! Can't wait to see the fence painted!

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