Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kitchen Design Plans

A little on updates in the kitchen, I can't remember the last time I posted about this. My dad made us new cabinets in a shaker style and installed them... they have been primed and are ready for paint. I have never loved our granite, and the white cabinets and paneling I felt like were making it look even more gold than it needed to be. Originally I thought maybe we would update the countertops, but that's not in the cards. Hubs is right, it's in perfectly good condition and it'd be a waste to change it out right now. Unfortunately a common theme around here is that money doesn't grow on trees, haha! 

So, I am working with what I have. It's not that I think the granite is ugly, it's just not at all what I would choose. In any event, it's what we have, so here's my plan to tone it down a bit. 

Paint, paint, paint. Budget friendly! Initially I wanted the all white kitchen- white walls, white backsplash, white quartz countertops, etc. After thinking and rethinking the existing materials we have, this is where the room is headed. Gray cabinets to tone down the granite, soft gray green-blue walls to avoid too much contrast, soft blue beadboard ceiling, and the same faux- reclaimed wood look I've done on both the china cabinet and the fireplace mantle. 

We have a lot of wood paneling in this room that is painted white right now. This is where I plan to do the reclaimed wood look with Annie Sloan. 

I tested out the wall color and the cabinet color here. I'll continue the reclaimed wood on the backsplash paneling as well. 

Here's the existing pendant, beadboard ceiling, and roman shade. All staying of course! 

And just for good measure, here's where the kitchen started when we bought the house (rental listing photos). It had great bones with awesome appliances and flooring. I just wanted to brighten it up a bit and add some coastal elements to the space.  

It's changed a lot already, but it's about to change a whole lot more. 


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