Tuesday, January 5, 2016

33 Weeks

How far along? 33 weeks, 7 to go! But realistically, probably 8 weeks to go with an induction. HA. Let's hope I'm wrong!

Size of baby? Via ultrasound today, she's 19" long, 4 lbs 10 oz!

How I'm changing? 33 pounds gained. Oy. I had to go out and buy a couple of maternity clothes just to get me through. I am bigger shaped differently this time around... Shortness of breath is intense now, and I'm totally stopped up on top of that. Mouth breather in full effect! I asked my doctor about it today because it's much more severe than I remember it being with Evans. She said since I'm so short waisted (and short in general) it's normal. There's nowhere for the baby to go but out, so she's crowding just about everything, including those lungs!

Other symptoms? Restless leg syndrome? I guess that's what it's called. Every single night my legs twitch and fall asleep and jerk around. It's ridiculous. Sleep is a joke. I have had crazy insomnia for the past week although I'm exhausted, which shows by these awesome black circles. Back hurts if I sit down in certain positions or stand up long periods of time. So far, no stretch marks, swelling, heartburn, etc., so I'll take that as a win at this point! Clearly, every last bit is worth it, but that doesn't mean it is any easier at the bitter end!

I'm also waaaaaaaay more irritable this time around. I don't remember this with Evans, but right now it's like my nerves are constantly on edge. I feel terrible for Hubs and Evans and anyone in contact with me right now, ha! Everything is annoying me so much, and I can't help it.

Movement? All the time!

Best moment of the week? A great visit today and a good ultrasound! Mae Caroline is looking healthy and growing well. It's always fun to see her on an ultrasound. Although having any complication that makes you slightly higher risk sucks, the extra ultrasounds are a plus. Still no signs of hemorrhaging and the placenta, etc. etc. etc. all look great. Fantastic news to this mom!

Another plus this week was that we took a tour of the hospital. I kind of wanted to check out where we'd be going rather than waiting and guessing when I'm actually in labor. I'm glad we did! Now I'm much more at ease about the whole process. I was the only one in the tour group that had already had a baby; ohhhhhh the deer in headlights looks when I asked if the hospital gave out ice packs and squirt bottles....... :P   Absolutely priceless!!!


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