Monday, January 4, 2016

The Holidays

Our Christmas festivities started with Evans' school play. It was adorable. The older kids had parts (Mary, Joseph, wisemen, etc.), Evans class participated as stars. They were all too cute! I applaud the teachers and staff. Gathering that many kids under 4 together to sing and dance is a brave task. Ha! 

During Christmas break the weather was SO WARM! Which was perfect to enjoy lots of bike riding and sidewalk chalk. 

Evans got her first t-ball set from her daddy (the baseball junkie). She LOVES it. "Catch it, Daddy!" 

My in-laws came to Savannah to spend Christmas with us. We ventured out to Cohen's Retreat, Forsyth Park and downtown one day and Evans enjoyed running around in the sunshine. 

The break was filled with lots of play dough, coloring time, stroller rides, etc. Anything to fill the days and keep this busy busy girl entertained. Much harder to chase a 2 year old when you are 8 months pregnant! HA! 

Out for a walk on Granddaddy's shoulders!

Christmas morning breakfast was at my cousin Brooke's house. The kiddos all had matching elf pajamas thanks to Brooke, but of course Jackson had already changed into his football gear. 

Opening presents. She was overwhelmed to say the least. 

She got a bubble machine... now all I hear is "want to do the bubbles"... even when it's pouring down rain. Go figure. 

Our New Year's Eve was a quiet one, sort of. We watched the Clemson game. Hubs was happy, as I remain in a constant state of denial. Clemson in the National Championship? I would have laughed in your face at that a few years ago. Wake me when it's over. 

This girl was full of herself, saying "Happy New Year!" over and over and wearing her hat. She also made many phone calls to her friends Emma & Hunter to see if they wanted to play. This age is so funny. 

Curls for DAYS. I'm so jealous.

We had lots of cuddles over the past weekend. The weather here was cold. I have to say I really do hate winter weather, even though ours is so mild being in the south. 

We did manage to squeeze in a stroll around the neighborhood before the rain came in. Can't wait to stroll BOTH my girls on The Bluff!! 

Papa arrived yesterday to finish up our picket fence, and of course to spend time with his favorite girl. Evans is so obsessed with Papa. She hasn't left his side and cried and threw a hissy fit when he went to move his car yesterday. She thought he was leaving and she wasn't having that. 

No worries, he's here for a few more days, Evans.

Papa also brought Evans' Christmas gift from him and D. A coffee time kitchen! So cute, she's going to flip out. Hubs just put it together last night when Evans was asleep, so she actually hasn't seen it yet. This afternoon will be filled with cooking I'm sure. 

I love the holidays, but honestly I'm also glad when my house is back to "normal". We got all the Christmas gear packed away and back into the attic last week. A fresh start to the new year! 


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