Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Evans' 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Evans' 2nd birthday a week early this year at my parents' house in SC. This way Hubs' grandparents and my Dad's side of the family that we don't see often enough could be included in the festivities. I'm also not supposed to travel further than 2 hours at this point, so we knew we probably wouldn't make it home for Christmas. It was a great party of just family. My brother's family came down from Atlanta as well! I was so happy to have so many loved ones in one place. It was also wonderful to see my nieces Grayson and Lily play with Evans! E's cousin Allie (they are only a few weeks apart) came, too. I didn't get any pictures of her, too busy for the camera!

I figured this might be the last year I can get away with a low key birthday party before she's all "Monkey Joe's or I'll cut you, Mom." HA. I always had parties at home and sleepovers growing up and that was most fun to me. We'll see what Evans decides as she gets older.

We went with a Minnie Mouse theme since Evans is totally obsessed. The party was in the morning, so we did brunch style menu. My mother in law made her famous breakfast casserole, my mom did monkey bread and fruit, and we also ordered chicken salad from Mathias and chicken minis from Chick-fil-A.

The cake and cookies were done by The Southern Gourmet out of Chapin, SC. Christie is SUPER talented and everything was as yummy as it was pretty. Highly recommend!

Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate our girl. I really can't believe it's been almost 2 years since she was born!


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