Friday, December 4, 2015

28 Weeks

How far along? 28.5 weeks, third trimester! The worst one, but hey at least you know the end is near. I have the sugar test next week. Hopefully I pass.

Size of baby? over 2 lbs!

How I'm changing? Getting huge. This pregnancy is out of control. My lower back is starting to flipping kill me. Just like it did with Evans. I hope that doesn't mean I'll have back labor again, oy! Short people problems.

Movement? All. The. Time. Thud. I'm not convinced she ever sleeps. Oh dear.

Best Moment of the Week? Having a prenatal massage at Spa Bleu! Wish I could get one every single day. Maybe a Christmas gift from my husband? Hint. Hint. I'm also excited we got our Christmas tree up and decorated. Love this time of year!

Pregnancy 1 v. 2? This pregnancy has been much harder (and I'm so much bigger this time!!!). Starting out with bed rest and a hemorrhage was rough. Especially with Evans running around (and she's a total mommy's girl).  I've also been much more tired this pregnancy. Physically and emotionally I'm just completely drained. Now that I'm getting to the super uncomfortable months, I don't really see my energy level changing. However, I was less "sick" this pregnancy. Not anywhere near the queasiness as I had with Evans. That's a plus! I've also had less time to dwell on this pregnancy. With Evans, I could basically spend my days pouring over the nursery, the gifts, the baby clothes, and just enjoy being pregnant. This pregnancy I haven't done much of any of that. I still need to get all of Evans clothes down from the attic to wash and finish up the nursery. I do find myself wondering what all moms wonder... How will I EVER love this child as much as my first? So funny. I just can't fathom it right now.

How's Big Sis? Evans is still pretty clueless about what's coming. She will kiss my belly and say "hi baby", but she doesn't really understand she's about to be a big sis. Recently she has gotten into playing make believe with all of her doll babies. Feeding them, loving them, changing their diapers, etc. I am praying that same sweet affection will transfer to her little sister. Time will tell!


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