Monday, December 14, 2015

30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks, 10 to go (unless of course I run over again, ha)

Size of baby? large cabbage, around 3 pounds, 15-16 inches long

29 weeks 

Predictions on birthday/ weight/ length/ looks? Personally, I think I'll go late again and have a March baby. I'm going to say March 2nd. That would be a full week late and that sounds about right given my experience with Evans. Maybe I'll be wrong! Evans was 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches. I'm guessing this girl will be similar- I'll guess 8 lbs 6 oz and 21.5 inches just because I'm bigger this time around. All I can picture for looks is exactly like Evans- a head full of dark hair at birth and blue eyes. Definitely she'll have blue eyes. I don't see her escaping those genes from her daddy. Lucky girl!

Movement? All day every day! She wakes me up several times a night now with her kicks. I can no longer consider it plain ol' insomnia when I'm being kick boxed awake!

Nesting? I finally started washing all these infant clothes. I'm having some serious flashbacks to Evans as a wee one. Oh my! Not sure I'm ready for all of this again!!!

Nicknames for baby?  With Evans, we immediately started calling her Booter because she kicked so much when I was pregnant. We still call her all sorts of varieties of Booter- Boot, Bootsie, Bootsie girl, Boots. So naturally, Mae Caroline has become "Scoot". Boot and Scoot. We laugh and say we'll have to have a third child and get the Boogie. We also call her MC, Mae C, Mae Caro, McHouston, etc. But mostly we've stuck to Mae Caroline. Call me southern, but I love double names!

Cravings? With Evans I at least craved these that were decent for me- green beans, tomatoes, black beans...  I'll regret this big time later, but I can't seem to stop eating sweets this go round. Thank goodness I passed the glucose test last week... I sent this pic to my family today. They just get me.

Aches/Pains? My back kills me at the end of the day now. Getting harder to breathe. Otherwise I'm doing just fine.

Contractions? Braxton Hicks daily now. I had this with Evans, too and had pre labor stuff for weeks before my due date, and was still induced. I guess my body just likes to practice.

30 weeks

How's big sis? She just turned TWO!! And is the light of our lives, for real. Her personality has become so so so wonderful lately. She is sweet as can be. I'm doing my best to soak in these days with just our little family of 3 before little one arrives.


Patricia Carrillo said...

Love your blog Ashley...and how bad is it that I can recognize the Krispy Kreme drive through in Savannah from over 300 miles away! Of course, I grew up going through the KK on Skidaway just before Victory Drive (as did all the Watts girls). And now I live in the town where Krispy Kreme was "born!" Ah, karma!

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