Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Last week was my birthday... anyone else sort of feel like it's just another day the older you get? Ha. I had to work on my birthday, but at least my job is a fun one. I spent the morning checking out lighting for a client. Currey & Co. just does it right. 

This little girl sang "Hapa Birdy" to me at breakfast. Melt. My. Heart.

My aunt watched Evans that night so that Hubs and I could go on a date. He took me to Alligator Soul for one of the best meals I've had in Savannah since we moved here. It's hard for me to get dolled up while pregnant. Nothing fits right, swelling, yada yada. But, a good meal like that was totally worth it!  Thanks, Hubs.
ready to go out, and E's big girl bed was just delivered...

If you are traveling to Savannah, I definitely recommend Alligator Soul. The service was excellent and they made the evening very special. We started out with the alligator fritters and the salad. Best croutons I've had in my life! They were like a cross between a breadstick and a piece of cake. Holy cow. Hubs had the shrimp and grits, which comes with fried okra. Amazing. I had the "Little" Hilbo. This steak was 16 ounces, not that little! Most of it came home with me. It was served with duck fat pommes frites. Oh my. I could have eaten my weight in them. We had all intentions of ordering dessert, but were way too stuffed. We plan to go back in a few weeks and get the banana beignets.

We've made some progress around our house lately. Hubs has FINALLY been home long enough to start painting the guest room/nursery. It's going much lighter and brighter. 

Evans got a BIG GIRL BED! She's doing surprisingly GREAT with it, too. 

We finished painting the hall bathroom and hung a few things on the walls. These boat paddles are Hubs' old ones. He almost threw them out. The nerve! I saved them.

Hubs also installed the new foyer light. Love seeing a fun color as I enter the front door. 

I finished up a fun meeting with clients this morning selecting their new home's finishes. They went with blues and grays throughout. Be still my heart. 

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment and ultrasound to check on things. Hopefully all is cleared up and baby is doing great. Say a prayer! Afterwards, the ol' hubby and I are going out to lunch together. This never ever happens. I'm excited! We are hitting up Green Truck Pub or Goose Feathers. Trying to check out some different Savannah spots we haven't ventured to yet. 

Here's to another full week ahead! 


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