Wednesday, November 11, 2015

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks

Size of baby? Per ultrasound today, 1 lb 14 oz, 60th percentile. Everything measured right on track except for her legs, which are measuring a full week ahead. Super long legs.

Size of mama? Large, ha. I was told to only gain 5 more pounds if possible.... Yea, that's not going to be possible. I think I gained around 40 or so with Evans, and I've gained 23 with this pregnancy thus far. I still have 3 months to go. Five pounds is crazy talk!

Movement? All the time and she's getting very strong. She was quite active today during the ultrasound and kept flipping away from our view so that we could only see her back. We did get a couple good pictures of her hands, legs, and face.

Aches/Pains? Unfortunately, sciatica seems to be returning, although not near as bad as it was with Evans. Hopefully stretches and my heating pad will carry me through! Sleeping is getting harder. I toss and turn a lot now. Hubs on the other hand sleeps like a freaking corpse. How do men do it?

Best moment of the week? At my ultrasound this morning, I found out that my hemorrhage has FINALLY healed and is gone. HOORAY!!!!! That took forever. I can slowly get back to normal activity now. YES, more walks down by the water! So thankful that whole ordeal is behind me. Quite scary to go through. Hopefully everything is smooth here on out.

Here's Mae Caroline this morning, sucking on her fingers. February seems a million miles away.


Ann in SC said...

Mae Caroline is happy to hear you are back to normal activity!

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