Friday, October 2, 2015

Tree Removal + Porch Plans

Yesterday, we had several trees taken down around our property. There were a few dead ones that we've been worried about ever since we moved into the house as a rental last September. Some were towering over the house, dropping limbs when it rained, and it was just time to get the situation under control. Here's the house before we had it painted and before trees were removed. You can see how dark it was, even on a sunny day. 

The trees directly in front of the house and on the left side were removed so that we'll be able to add on a front porch. They were also creepily leaning over the roof, which made us nervous that at any moment we'd have a roof replacement bill coming our way. 

The tree on the right, next to the driveway, was the scariest of all. It was split directly down the middle. Hanging on by what, I'm not sure. 

Here's what the inside of that big tree looked like when they cut it down. Completely rotten!!!! The inside felt the consistency of undercooked brownies. Holy cow. To think we parked our cars and walked under this for a YEAR and no one was hurt is a blessing from God. I have no idea how this tree didn't fall over. 

And here's the view now, sans trees and after painting the house. Such a difference! It is so much brighter and happier now! I can put to rest my fear of falling limbs as we walk out the front door. You can see the fresh sawdust/tree shavings on our roof. 

So, the plan is to obviously landscape. I'm excited that the grass will be able to grow where the big trees were. Hopefully sometime next year we'll be able to add the front porch. We'd really like to add a back screen porch and deck first, and unfortunately money doesn't grow on these trees we're cutting.

The front porch will extend the length of the two bay windows, and will come just shy of where the sidewalk starts (around 10 feet deep). I want a sloped roof farmhouse style (in other words, no gable).

I'm picturing large square columns and an extra-wide staircase. I did a quick sketch to show my dad.

This is a ways off since we have other house priorities right now (replace the front door, picket fence to install, kitchen cabinets to paint and hang, painting several rooms in the house.... the list goes on), but it's still fun to plan! Can't wait to be able to rock on a front porch and take in the Isle of Hope breezes (when they happen, ha, this is still Savannah, after all).

Hope everyone stays safe this weekend. We're expecting flooding in some areas thanks to Joaquin.


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