Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Guest Room + Nursery

My original thought was that Evans would be moving to a big girl bed and would inherit the guest room queen to serve those purposes. I had planned to move the bed to her room, and the crib into the current guest room. Therefore, losing a guest room altogether. When we found out it was a GIRL, I thought a little more about the whole no guest room situation. That just won't do. SO, the plan now is to get Evans a twin bed around her 2nd birthday in December, and eventually the girls will share that room in twin beds. The crib is moving to a corner of the guest room (where a desk used to be that's now been moved to the laundry room for extra storage and counter space). I figure the baby (can I just start calling her Mae Caroline? I think I will :) ...)  will most likely be in our bedroom for a while before moving to her crib. Once she's actually in her crib in the guest room, and we actually have guests, we'll just give up our bedroom and sleep in the guest room with the baby (so our guests don't have to worry with waking the baby or smelling a dirty diaper mid sleep, ha!).  Hopefully MAE CAROLINE (my husband might kill me for continuing to call her this before we've decided, ha) will be ready to share with Evans (and vice versa!) around 18 months to 2 years old. That's not TOO long I guess to share a guest/nursery. We'll make it work!

So, then I had to get to thinking about how to design a nursery that also has to function as a guest room. Can't be too kiddish or whimsical (which I really wouldn't do a complete baby-baby "theme" in a nursery anyways, just not my thing). I want a FUN guest room that makes you feel like you are staying somewhere coastal. Most of the main house is done in aqua, lime, gray or somewhere in between, so this is my chance to do something a little different. The hall bathroom is going to be coral, so I went along with that into the guest room.

Coral, birds, and pink. Why not? 

The drapes are made and hung. 

The walls still need painting. The walls will be Benjamin Moore Gray Lake. My new color love affair. This is a GREAT color for a ceiling, too if you are looking for a good not blue not gray. We use it on ceilings for clients quite a bit, but it's also a wonderful bright neutral for your walls. 

I've got some major organizing to do before we can say this room is "done". The dresser and closet in this room are currently used by Hubs. He wears about 8 shirts, so we really need to make another Goodwill run. 

So really, just painting, tidying up, and getting things moved around is all we need to do now. I've also got some fun ideas in mind for over the bed. Hopefully this room will work both as a sweet little girl's nursery, but easily transition back to full on guest room when she's big enough to bunk with Evans. We'll see! 


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