Friday, October 16, 2015

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks

How I'm changing? Feeling much better now! Hardly any dizziness. I had my anatomy scan on Tuesday, and baby girl looks great. Annnnnnnd my hemorrhage is almost gone! It's only 2cm now! My doctor cleared me to do low impact activity like walking. So happy!

Already gained 17 pounds, ha....

Activity Level? much more energy now. Starting to feel myself other than getting bigger by the second. Glad to be "back" because work is starting to get extremely busy. I love my job though, which is a blessing. 

What I'm eating? Anything in sight. I've been craving crock pot meals so I've been doing several of those lately. With the temps getting cooler, it's so nice to come home to dinner that's been slow cooking allllll day. Yum! 

How I'm sleeping? This week I've been sleeping hard as a rock. I've got my 3-4 pillows rocking. 

Best moment of the week?  
Getting a great report on the baby. 4 chamber heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, all the cute limbs, etc all look good. And the fact that my hemorrhage continues to heal! Thank the Lord. 

I'm also excited that we finally have a name for this sweet girl. 

Mae Caroline :-)

I'm not sure if we will call her Mae, or go with the double name Mae Caroline. Knowing us, we probably won't call her either. We call Evans "Booter" after all. 


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