Friday, September 11, 2015

Under Construction: Hall Bathroom

Please excuse the over enthusiastic tone and over use of exclamation points here. I can't contain myself, Christmas has come early. Demo started on Tuesday, what!!!!! But holy cow, living amongst construction big or small is no freaking joke. Especially in a teeny tiny house like ours with no storage for anything. We don't have a garage to store the new tub, new toilet, tile, mirror, light, etc etc. that will be going into the NEW bathroom, so guess where it is? In the front living room, all over the dining table, pushed against every wall imaginable. I have to retreat to the back family room and shut the doors just for some sanity! BUT I know this time next week I'll be locking myself in the new bathroom for peace and quiet and relaxation. Cannot freaking wait!

Demo took about a day and a half. The guys got going Tuesday morning early and finished up sometime Wednesday lunchish. It was a JOB (or from what I could tell!). Our house was apparently built solid. Unfortunately, the flooring under the old tile was in pretty bad shape from years of water leakage. Most, if not all, of the boards were rotted. My wonderful dad (who is a mostly-retired residential builder) repaired the floor on Thursday. Sheetrock is going up today, and the plumbing crew is coming out to set the new tub and fixtures. Tile work can start after that and will take around 4 days... then the breadboard, vanity, crown and base boards... then paint.... new toilet....mirror.... lights... DONE! I'm counting down the days!!!

Where we started 

Day 1, holes all over the place, good bye old tile 

Most of our bathroom, bye bye!

After day 1

After day 2, my dad ripped up the old flooring 

After day 3, flooring is brand new and sheetrock is ready to be hung 

As you can see, nothing "pretty" has started yet, but I know it's just around the corner. I had not planned on replacing the medicine cabinet or the vanity light, but of course that's changed now, too. After measuring out the vanity and beadboard height, the old medicine cabinet was too small and would end up looking swallowed up. We desperately need more storage in this tiny bathroom anyways, so we (I, ha) decided it was worth the investment to get a larger medicine cabinet with a larger mirror size. I ended up choosing Pottery Barn's Vintage Medicine Cabinet.  We went with the extra-large size. It's about 8 inches wider and 10 inches longer than the old cabinet, and has an extra shelf of storage. I took advantage of the 20% off Labor Day Sale they ran and scooped it up in a chrome finish. As always, PB did not disappoint upon arrival! My dad has already framed the wall for the cabinet to be installed. Woo!

image via Pottery Barn

The old vanity light actually fell off during demo, shattering onto the floor (of course it did), so off to Lowe's. I love Home Depot, but I've always thought Lowe's had a better selection for lighting. I love the Allen + Roth line they carry! Plus, the Home Depot here is almost ALWAYS out of the "good" light fixtures. I'll find something I want and it's out of stock. Bummer. Anyway, a quick trip to Lowe's and I came home with this guy... Clear glass globes like this are hard to keep clean and dust free, but dang if they don't look good. I just can't keep away from them. Hopefully I won't kick myself for this later!

3 light Allen Roth Winsbrell via Lowe's

I've got some fun stuff planned for this space with paint and fabric, can't wait to see it all come to life!


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