Wednesday, September 9, 2015

16 Weeks

So I highly, highly doubt I'll do these pregnancy posts the way I did with Evans (sorry baby 2). Hopefully I remember every once in a while to record this and that for a baby book... TBD!

How far along? 16 weeks

How I'm changing? DIZZY spells galore. Holy moly. Didn't have this at all with E. Hot flashes, too. Yikes! I'm eating all day and drinking around 100 ounces of water. So I have no idea what's up.

Activity Level? I've got more energy now, but I'm still on "light duty" due to my hemorrhage. Boo. So, my activity level is basically sedentary right now. I'm going to go stir crazy!

What I'm eating? I haven't quite had the nausea this go round like I did with Evans, which is great! No food aversions at all this time around.

How I'm sleeping? Not great actually. This is different from Evans, I was sleeping hard this early on. Now I just toss and turn all night long and I'm up for the day around 5:30.

Best moment of the week? Totally unpregnancy related, sorry bean, but our bathroom remodel just began! I'm really really excited! Oh, and I ***think*** Hubs and I are in agreement on a name. Maybe. Possibly? He keeps changing his mind, or doesn't have an opinion at all. Or just doesn't want to name this child? I don't know. The only names he has given me? Zacharina Morris Houston. Sloan  Houston. Kelly Kapowski Houston.

I'm looking for something a little less Saved by the Bell man-crush, and perhaps a role not played by Tiffani-Amber or Mia Sara.

Men. Love you, Hubby.


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