Monday, September 14, 2015

21 Months

Once E hit 18 months, we just sort of started saying she was "almost 2" and I've lost track of the whole month thing. Ooops. She is in fact 21 months now!

It is amazing to me how much she has changed in the last month. She is her own little person now. I know I say this every month, but this is my favorite age so far. She's interacting with me, wants to do everything on her own, truly Miss Independent, and understands everything said to her. She's communicating really well now, lots of new words and phrases. She LOVES music and loves to dance and has recently learned to hop and skip, which she thinks is hilarious.

Lately she has added an "s" to Mommy and Daddy. She calls me Mommys and Hubs Daddys, and we think it might be because either a) we are always telling her "no, that's mommys or no, that's daddys (like when she's trying to take food or my drink, purse, keys, etc) or b) because her name ends in "s" so maybe she thinks everyone's does? HA. I don't know, but it sure is cute.

Some things she is saying now:

Shoes on. Shoes!

I do it.


My cup!

Night night.

I loooooove you!

Outside pease?


Oh no! uh oh.

Eat eat now! pease!

Bite pease?

Want mores (want more)

I got it.

An see (I wanna see).

That? (she points to everything and asks that? like what is that. )


Booboos ouch.

I go time out now? (time out is a joke around here, she could not care less)

Schoo day Mommys? (when she's asking if she gets to play at school today)

Baky baky! (how she says naked baby- this is what she says at bath time)

She still sings a ton and makes me laugh everyday. I recently went through her toy basket to put away toys that she has outgrown (a lot of them) and toys she doesn't play with anymore. She's gotten too big for her Thomas train and her Y-bike. Time to upgrade her to a tricycle of some sort. I'd also like to get her a swing set... maybe for Christmas this year.

21 months of Bootsie girl! I LOVE YOU sweet Evans Elizabeth and often wonder how in the world my heart is big enough for another little girl coming our way soon. XOXO to my first, my life is better because of you.


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