Saturday, July 11, 2015

18 & 19 Months

Evans will be 19 months in two days. I can't believe how much she has changed here recently! Her vocabulary is really starting to take off. Some of her phrases that come to mind are "o-side, yea?" meaning go outside? "Eat", "get down", "help peeeease", "cup!", "no-no", "I sawy", "hi mommy!", "show", "bubbles", "mine!", "I got it", "key cat" for kitty cat, "puppy", "baby", and her answer to most any question right now is either a simple "OK!" or "yea!".

She also loves to sing songs. She wakes up singing Twinkle Twinkle most mornings. It sounds something like "twinkle twinkle lil staw, how yi wonder... up above the world high... twinkle..... She also loves Ring Around the Rosie, she sings the line "ashes ashes- fall down" over and over. Love this stage!

At her 18 month appointment she was 36" tall, 26 lbs. She is wearing size 5 diapers, size 5 shoes, and 2T clothes. Her hair gets longer everyday, and I love her little curls.

She loves to dance, watch her "shows", EAT, and go outside. She also loves her daycare teacher Ms. Ericka, and talks about her all the time. "E-ka" this and "E-ka" that. She has a little friend in her class named Emma, and she has officially named all her babies Emma. At least that's what she calls them at home, haha. "Come on Emma, I help Emma, eat Emma, here Emma". Cutie!

Still a great sleeper... a great eater... a hard player... like my husband says she doesn't halfway do anything, she's either all in or she isn't. 90 miles an hour all day long. Love my girl!


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