Thursday, July 16, 2015

House Plans- Exterior

We close on the Isle of Hope house next week! Hard to believe! We have several updates/renovation plans for the house that will happen over the next couple years (new bathrooms, tearing out walls, recessed lighting, new sheet rocked ceilings, flooring....), but first on the agenda is the exterior. 

Soon after closing we are having several trees taken down. Some due to the fact that they are dead, some that are too close to the house and could be potential future problems, and some that we have to remove to be able to add on the outdoor spaces we want. 

We plan to add a screen porch and a large deck off the back, and also a 10 ft deep front porch. So excited about this! Outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor in my opinion. We love to grill and eat outdoors, play music and sit outside. Can't wait to be able to enjoy our yard a bit more. 

Other plans- a new front door. Something similar to this one. Craftsman style with a small window. 

A BIG change will be painting the ranch. Such a difference it will be! My dad is also in the process of making board & batten shutters for every window around the house to give it that coastal cottage feel. The house itself will be painted SW alabaster, shutters in Behr antique tin, and doors in Behr lap pool blue. Cannot wait!! 

Shutters in progress... 

Another addition will be a white picket fence! It's sort of the thing on Isle of Hope. You have a white picket fence, you just do. Plus, it will ease my worries if E wants to play in the front yard. I sent my dad ideas I liked and he ran with it. He has already cut most of the pickets!

And lastly for the exterior- much needed landscaping. Yard work is not my thing- so I plan to leave that job for the hubby. He did a great job doing our Atlanta yard, so I know he can do it again. 

So excited!!!! 


Sweet Caroline said...

Cannot wait to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Isle of Hope! My husband's father lives right near the Bluff. It is so beautiful there. Enjoy!

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