Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Job

Life has been CRAZY lately with all the Houstons have going on. We bought a house (the rental house we are already in) and have been busy preparing to renovate/paint/etc. I also started a new job a few weeks ago. SO RANDOM how this happened, but I couldn't be happier. Social media is a crazy wonderful thing, as if you all didn't know that. I was contacted by a designer here in Savannah that I followed on Instagram and that had read my blog and seen my art and design work. They didn't necessarily have a position open, but created one so that I could join the team! If you had told me 8 years ago when I was headed off to law school that I'd eventually wind up in interior design... well I'd say to heck with law school! HA! No, in all seriousness, it just happened this way. I truly believe this is where God wants me to be using the talents He gave me. Everyone has that thing they feel they are meant to do, and I've fallen into mine.

So, am I glad I went to law school? Yes. I really am. I think it opened up opportunities for me I wouldn't have had otherwise. It also made me understand business, entrepreneurship, and made me think about things in ways I wouldn't have before. For that I'm glad. I also made some of the most amazing friendships through law school and King & Spalding and I would never take back meeting all of my wonderful legal peeps. :) Will I ever practice again? I don't know. For now, I'm extremely happy and feel blessed to be doing something that I truly love. I can't say that I was ever passionate about law, it was just something I did and could do. Every free moment I had you'd find me browsing fabrics, flipping through magazines, making mock up sketches of room designs, and crafting mood boards. I now do these things and get paid for it. Pinch me please.

No, the money isn't quite as good, but the headaches are fewer and my soul is filling up everyday. I can't put a price on that.

My new title? Showroom & Studio Manager, Assistant Interior Designer for S. Tallevast Interiors, Curry & Co., and Floy Home. Hot dog!

Savannah people, come by and see us at Cohen's Retreat! Our retail store is located in the Brown Dog Market, and the website will be up and running soon ( See you soon!


Ann in SC said...

Ashley Bodie Houston, you are one awesome little power house with a big, big talent! So happy you have found your niche.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...


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