Wednesday, May 13, 2015

17 Months

17 months old, almost 1.5 years. Where did the time go? The last few months have really flown by. She's become such a person, saying so many new words now and really understanding and following directions and conversations. It's amazing to me how quickly they pick things up and learn. 

She loves to blow kisses and say "bye bye" and wave. Most used word recently is "uh-oh" after "accidentally" dropping something on the ground... also known as throwing a toy off the toy shelf and pretending it's an accident. :) 

I find random toys all over the house and it always brings a smile to my face. Especially when I find them under my pillow when I go to sleep at night. Nothing quite like snuggling in and finding an Elmo book shoved under your pillow. HA. 

A few weeks ago they had school picture day. Evans was not very interested in having her picture taken, this girl would rather be off playing than sitting still. I feel this photographer's pain. :) 

She is still a great sleeper! I creep in her room pretty often to stalk her while she sleeps. It's the only time she's truly calm and still and I love looking at her. So sweet! 

We often stroll down to the Bluff and let Evans look at the water, birds and boats passing by. She LOVES it, and so do we! Hopefully one day we'll have our own family boat. 

Evans loves to play outside and constantly wants me to take her "out". Here she is pouting to go outside, even when it's raining. 

She also loves to wear her life jacket around, which is funny to me. I thought kids hated life jackets? She grabs it from the closet and brings it over to have me put it on her all the time. She loves to parade around the house in it. Crazy girl. 

Her hair is getting so long and curly. I love it! 

Last weekend my best friend Ash and I took the kids and husbands to Tybee for the day. It was so much fun to see the girls play together. Evans loved digging in the sand and filling up buckets. She was not that interested in the freezing cold ocean, but spent most of her day running up and down the beach. I was so sore the next day from chasing after her and carrying her around! A beach day with kids is no joke! 

When we left Tybee, everyone was exhausted. Evans did not make it off the island before she was snoozing. 

On eating- she is still a great eater. She will try anything and usually clears her plate. She now has 11 teeth, 4 on top, 4 on bottom, both bottom one-year molars, a top one-year molar, and the other top molar is starting to push through now. She hasn't seemed to mind teething a bit. I'm so thankful!

Her schedule is something like this: breakfast "snack" (usually a handful of cheerios or a squeeze yogurt) around 7:30, breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:00, nap 12-2 (sometimes 3!!), snack around 4, dinner at 5 or 5:30, bath around 6:30, bed between 7 - 7:30. She is the easiest stinker to put to bed. We do bath, pjs, story, prayers, and lay her down. She goes to bed awake talking to her stuffed animals and babies in her crib and zonks out. Piece of cake! I hope this continues. 

We donated several of her toys to her school on Monday. Our rental house just can't handle the extra stuff, so we've been trying to make a big effort to consolidate and declutter. It makes living in a small ranch way easier.  Although, exercaucer lives on.... She still loves this thing, although she's WAY too big for it now! 

On Mother's Day, we spent most of our time outdoors. Went on our usual stroll to the river and watched the boats pass. Evans could sit here watching forever I think, and I could, too. I'm so glad I get to be her mom! 

Happy 17 months, big girl! You are full of life and energy, and we do our best to keep up. We love you!


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