Monday, April 20, 2015

About ME

Got this from Sweet Caroline..... a fun little survey. Happy Monday! 

Age:  31

B: bed size:  KING! Can't imagine going smaller. I need my space! 

C: chore you hate:  an easier question would be chores that I LIKE... Ha. I really despise cleaning the kitchen. 

D: dogs: Blakely girl 

E:  Essential to start your day:  coffee AND breakfast. I am not one of those people who can skip breakfast. Really I can't skip any meal, but breakfast has to happen.

F:  favorite color:  any shade of blue 

G: Gold or silver: both!

H: Height: I like to think I'm a tall 5'3. HA.

I: instruments you play:  I'm not musical. I can play the same tunes anybody can play on a piano- like "heart & soul" and "away in a manger".... I played guitar for about a month in high school and gave up when my fingers started blistering. I'm more of a listener! 

J: job title:  I'm currently a stay at home mom and wouldn't trade the time I've had for the world! I'm also an attorney and about to get back to legal work soon.  

K: Kids: Bootsie girl Evans  :) 

L: live: the most beautiful southern city- Savannah, Georgia! 

M: movie:  forever will be The Princess Bride

N: nickname:  Ash, Bodes

O: overnight hospital stays: just when I had my daughter 

P: pet peeve:  Speaker phone, chewing with your mouth open, smacking, using an apostrophe to make a last name plural instead of just adding the "s". 

Q: quote: "don't find time, make time".

R: righty or lefty: right

S: siblings: brother

T: time you wake up:  7:15 

U: University you attended:  SOUTH CAROLINA, GO COCKS!!

V: vegetable you dislike: I'm not a huge veggie fan actually. I do like broccoli and peas and carrots. 

W: what makes you late: can't find my keys, which is often :)  

X: x-rays: none

Y: yummy food:  fried chicken, chicken salad, hamburgers.... I need to eat better I think! 

Z: zoo animal:  I like the gorillas! 


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