Tuesday, March 24, 2015

15 Months

FIFTEEN months and full of energy. This girl loves life more than anyone I know. She wakes up smiling and clapping and chattering to her doll babies. She goes to bed with her butt in the air. She spends her entire day running and laughing. An occasional crying or fussing, because, hello, she is a 15 month old... but for the most part she is full of pure JOY. And she spreads it to everyone around her. 

Her favorite activity is eating. She loves her food and loves trying new things. We have recently discovered her love of bbq and collards. Southern all the way! 

She experienced her first Savannah St. Pat's last week. She had a BLAST playing with her cousins and watching the parade- except for the bagpipes. She was not a fan of the loud noise, and I have to admit- me either. 

Evans also had her first experience at Vinnie's last weekend! We took a trip down to Forsyth Park to hit the farmer's market, and then stopped for pizza. If you haven't been to Vinnie's, you are missing out. It's a Savannah staple. 

The park was gorgeous this weekend. Lots of sunshine, and all the azaleas in full bloom. You just have to love Savannah. 

We love our strolls along the bluff. Isle of Hope has our hearts. Although, she looks kind of bored in this picture, huh? :)

Evans is pretty rough and tumble, but she does have her occasional girly girl moments. She loves to sit and play with all of my curlers and brushes. It is pretty darn cute. Anything that will make this child sit still is a win in my opinion. 

A few weekends ago, Hubs and I went to Texas for a wedding and E stayed here with grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. She had a blast playing with everyone. She really loves her cousin Cooper. She even said "Hi, Cooper" over that weekend. I hate that I missed it!! One of her first sentences! 

Hubs and I have gotten into the groove of this parent thing. Only took over a year, ha. We make it a point to do fun things just the two of us- like driving out to Tybee on a whim. Love this guy.

As for talking, she is chattering a lot, but we aren't really sure what she's saying. New words include t-shirt, teacher, baby, duck, cracker, breakfast (or "bre-fas"), cin-ga-go (cinderella), oopsies, thank you (or "tan u").... I'm probably forgetting a few. My mom says E said to one of her babies "stay right there". The other morning she said to me "I wan- I wan bre-fas" (I want breakfast).

Here, I think she's saying "not another picture, please".

At her 15 month appointment, she was 25 lbs 3 oz and 34" tall. She's wearing size 2T and some 3T, just depends on the brand. Girlfriend is tall! I'm glad she didn't get my shorty genes.

She is still sleeping like a champ. One nap a day now for about 2 hours. Night sleep 12-14 hours, just depends on how busy her day was. She is GO GO GO so when she does hit the bed at night, it's lights out. She puts herself to sleep still, which is amazing. We still have the same routine- bath, pjs, story, lay her down. I really miss her when she goes to bed now. It used to be that I was exhausted and ready for her bedtime, but she is so much fun now and such a snuggle goose that I LONG for her when she goes to bed! Isn't that ridiculous?!! I'm sure other parents can relate. The other night I was missing her so bad, I snuck into her room and stole a kiss while she was sleeping. Creepy stalker mom in full effect, y'all.

And so there you have it, I'm obsessed with my child. LOVE this kid!! Happy 15 months, Booter Scoots.


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