Thursday, March 19, 2015

Design Q&A: Rethink Design Studio

Continuing the design q&a today, I had the opportunity to chat with the brains behind Rethink Design Studio. They offer a wide array of services, from interiors to lighting to construction management. One of my favorite designs they completed is the restaurant Local 11 Ten. If you've ever been there, you know how cool and swanky the place is. Absolutely gorgeous (and the food is amazing, too!).

 Local 11 Ten
Local 11 Ten

Here's a look into their world in design. 

Rethink Design Studio

What's the biggest challenge you face as a designer? 
Fulfilling the client's wishes and vision within the project parameters. Factors such as space, timeline, and budget can cause us to think outside of the box when it's time to shift from concept to design development. 

Rethink Design Studio

Describe your personal style at home.
As a design studio, our personal styles vary with each team member but all seem to revolve around creating a comfortable, clean interior that blends old with new. Joel and Erika's home acts as a fresh retreat with natural light and mid-century lines, while Sarah's abode is more grounded and family-oriented with emphasis on gathering places. EMK shares a 1970s cottage with another interior designer which results in an eclectic blend of vintage and glam that both inhabitants identify with. 

Do you have a go-to paint color? 
1487 Herbal Escape by Benjamin Moore. In our opinion, this is the perfect warm neutral that seems to go with everything. We've used it on walls, cabinetry, even matching moulding. 

What's an easy way for someone to freshen up a space?
There's nothing more powerful than a fresh coat of paint. Dare to be bold and go white or lighter than what's existing; and don't forget about trim and ceilings!

What's been your most memorable project?
A beach house we built from the ground up on Tybee Island. The design process yielded such a strong connection to the family and the final space speaks to Rethink's most valued design fundamentals: respect the past, create in the present, and look confidently to the future. 

Rethink Design Studio

If someone is designing their own custom build, what tips should they keep in mind?
Be completely honest with yourself. Take time before beginning the process to get realistic about your needs, budget, time frame. Don't hesitate reaching out to local professionals (interior designer, decorator, architect) to get a clear idea as to the existing and potential project scope so there are little to no surprises along the way. 

Rethink Design Studio

What would you say is timeless in design?
Scale and proportion are two of the most important fundamentals of interior design. So often we meet homeowners who have an understanding of their personal style but nothing seems to be working together. This is usually due to improper scale within the home. An interior designer is well trained to spot these inconsistencies and will work with you to create a space that fits appropriately to both your home and your style. 

Rethink Design Studio 

Any advice to give those just starting their career in design, or that are aspiring to get into the field?
Be a sponge. Learn everything and anything you can about design and running a business. This may include acquiring the proper education in that field, taking workshops and seminars, or finding a local professional who will mentor you in their practice. Even the most seasoned designers are always learning and taking cues from outside sources of inspiration; don't put any of that above you, especially when starting out. And good luck!

How has the city of Savannah influenced your work?
Savannah is an ever-evolving city that is constantly pulling in the opposing directions of old and new. As a historic town that fosters a creative community thanks in part to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), there are limitless sources for inspiration. A simple walk down Bull Street will have you in awe of the classical architecture while crossing paths with a fashion blog photo shoot; the collaboration opportunities are endless. 

For more from Rethink Design Studio, check out their portfolio, instagram, and Facebook. Thanks so much guys! It was a privilege talking to you. 


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